About Us

About us

Established in 2009, Al-Fikrah United Company for Real Estate Development quickly became recognized as one of Saudi Arabia’s most prominent real estate developers in the luxury sector through its consistent delivery of innovative design. Today, Al-Fikrah continues to be a nationally acclaimed specialist for luxurious residential projects.

Our vision

Aligned with the company’s mission of consistent high quality, luxury and innovation; Al-Fikrah United provides high-end housing solutions to consumers and pro table investment opportunities to its investors. By combining the beauty of architecture with the practicability of contracting, we provide luxury residential solutions to the local market.

Why us

Staying ahead of consumer tastes ensures Al- Fikrah United remains a market leader; as does a close eye on current market trends for services and products. Our ability to lter these variables and combine both artistic and commercial dimensions together, results in creating the architectural design solutions that have become a signature of the Al-Fikrah United brand.

Our principle

Better lifestyle: Leading the real estate market and guiding it to build a better tomorrow for our community, through our passion and ambition to create high quality housing solutions that lead to a significant improvement in lifestyle.

Efficiency: To be a role model in applying the highest quality standards, as we seek to stand in the ranks of real estate developers, and challenge ourselves with each new project we are implementing.

Trust: The best foundation to build on is trust. We build our customers’ trust in us through our dedication to work and our commitment to quality at all levels.