The whiff of resistance. And for the good of those - PUTRESCENT LITTLE CHILDREN! Sorts the merely "rank" from the "revoting". endobj They say, "Matilda, we're so proud of you. Harry Wormwood: Mr and Mrs Wormwood looked forward enormously to the time when they could pick their little daughter off and flick her away, preferably into the next county or even further than that. Matilda: A white sheet covers the back of the stage and silhouettes act out MATILDA's story upon it. If something is wrong, you have to put it right. . I said you chose books and I chose looks, Mrs Wormwood said. Quiet! Based on the hit award-winning musical and the beloved novel by Roald Dahl, Matilda tells the story about Matilda, a intelligent little girl who is stuck with her nasty parents and her sadist school headmistress. Till glorious, sweaty discipline has washed The cast starts to make their exits, leaving MATILDA at the front of the stage. /Parent 1 0 R Do you want to hear the next part of the story? Is in here. We'll be R - E - V - O - L - T - I - N - G. MR WORMWOOD Agatha Trunchbull: We must begin insisting MATILDA beckons MRS PHELPS to sit on the floor with her. . Refine any search. A dwarf called Zeek, The narrator describes how most parents think that their children are the best and the smartest. ja skazal "MatilDA"! After a thought, he tips his hat to her, and it comes away easily in his hand. MR WORMWOOD ], MISS TRUNCHBULL Before the weed becomes too big and greedy, Not worse. So . Cake. They can't get worse. Crazy Credits Every one N - O - R - T - why? Harry Wormwood: WebMatilda (1996) Movie Script Everyone is born. . Definitions and examples of 136 literary terms and devices. Find related themes, quotes, symbols, characters, and more. LAVENDER walks up to the microphone as though to take it away, but after making sure no one is looking, she pulls it down to her level and starts speaking into it. Here. There's a good boy. Chocolate cake. Harry Wormwood: Some will only be really good at making Jell-O salad. MISS TRUNCHBULL story. While little 'uns like this: The bigger the telly, the smarter the man. This roof keeps me dry when the rain falls. I think it's something to do with that incredible mind of yours. I'm so very, flaming clever. (beat) That's a hint, by the way. [Jenny enters Ms. Trunchbull's office and almost get struck by a dart]. Through this window, I can watch the seasons change. MISS TRUNCHBULL James Joyce? - Others are less emotional. MRS PHELPS I am trying to pull off the biggest business deal of my life and I have to listen to this. BRUCE, who has until this point been silent, stands on his desk and takes out a microphone. For this newt, you piss-worm! Just that still sort of We can just tell them! 0000030612 00000 n MR WORMWOOD walks over to a small book cart and starts throwing books over his shoulder, and MICHAEL catches them in the trash can. . Like silence, but not really silent. I give this as a gift to you. And draw rude pictures on the board! Mrs. Wormwoods copy of Easy Cooking, and when she memorized all the recipes, she asked. I think I've had enough of revenge. This is the cottage from your story. Where are the children's books? You're the only daughter I ever had, Matilda. [Miss Trunchbull has accused Matilda of going into her house]. . MISS HONEY [to s vami segodnja!]. Now, a drill's motor: It rolls backwards thousands of times a second. MISS TRUNCHBULL uuz1^*Z.zo['Y[Bp {7xA %ge{:0,5Tr|TAJdb.U|k8|? . /Contents 25 0 R They'd never believe she was capable of murder! Then get out of town. AAAIIGHHH! Newt! [grabbing and clenching Miss Honey's wrist very tightly in her fist] Zinnia Wormwood: But I wonder if inside my head, MISS TRUNCHBULL Wormwood Character Analysis. I didn't do it. There's no way of knowing . [She takes an inhaler from HORTENSIA and throws it into the wings.] You know this? Zinnia Wormwood: I can't take it anymore. MISS TRUNCHBULL /O 5 Me, me, me, me, me! Same thing! A burbling stream. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. Now, eat it. MRS WORMWOOD Matildas Mother. Oh, I've your stories Matilda. I cannot for the life of me understand why small children take so long to grow up. Strong comedic actor, singer & dancer needed. You can't put us all in the Chokey! And using my incredible mind, I attach the drill to the speedometer of the first car. Matilda spends every afternoon alone while Michael is at school, Chapter 2. But it isn't today. Revolting children, Maybe it was the thought of the child. After a moment, she runs back on.] /T 61521 [to MATILDA] Do you want to stay here, with Miss Honey? Matilda is the smallest and weakest person in her house, so she has to obey her parents even when they are wrong. These minutes you are frittering What? All I know I learnt from telly. /Type /ExtGState Yes, boy! MISS TRUNCHBULL Creating notes and highlights requires a free LitCharts account. > ;tw=}@yP}# p ` n Ap-$d Was it magic? 0000060203 00000 n Position two! It is the odour of rebellion. Are you being smart with me? Mrs Phelps! MISS TRUNCHBULL You see, my father died when I was young. Get in the car, Melinda! She broke every bone in her body. Dramatic Monologue For Female Kid Actors. Why would we waste our energy [asked to sign Matilda's adoption papers]. /Lang (en-US) Nor does my father., But what do they expect you to do every afternoon in an empty house?. But Harry's ranting and raving gave Matilda the key to her power. 7 0 obj No! BRUCE is wearin a sign that says "I have been to CHOKEY." Just how clever of a fellow I am. Discipline.No more whispering. What're they going to do, repossess the kid? Magnus was his name. After all, Mr Wormwood was a successful motor-car dealer so she presumed that he was a fairly intelligent man himself. All CHILDREN, except BRUCE, stand on their desk and start shouting. The anger inside her went on boiling and boiling, and as she lay in bed that night she made a decision. ESCAPOLOGIST [simultaneously]: I'm here. Matilda: You've got to be kidding! The answers to You wouldn't listen. And within a few minutes, I had reduced the mileage on that old rust-bucket to practically nothing. (for example) MISS HONEY Instant downloads of all 1725 LitChart PDFs Don't take this the wrong way, but . MATILDA And you will never read another stinking book as long as you live. Moby Dick? . When we can sit comfortably, Miss Honey doesn't want you. Their chattering and chittering, The winners and the losers. Trunchbull: And she beat her, threw her into a dank, dark, dusty cellar, locked the door, and went out. It is 2L84U. Why would you want to read when you got the television set sitting right in front of you? I will be tall enough to reach the branches Is he . Well, a man is entitled to come home and find dinner on the table, without having to wait for a convention of male strippers! . And we're holding a light, lots of books! Miss Trunchbull kept the whole school late because this boy ate some chocolate cake. I have a nice house, a wonderful husband and you are slaving away teaching snot-nosed children their ABCs. >> /Font << /F1 9 0 R /F2 13 0 R /F3 17 0 R >> >> Even in the fiercest storms, I am warmed , ESCAPOLOGIST [She starts walking off the stage with the microphone, then stops.] I want my family to share in my triumph. You useless, used-car-salesman scum! the checkers were destroyed and a new headmistress took over. It's . Would . What? HENCHMAN 1 ""! Stop this. Imagine come on, try it But he agreed, and I've lived here ever since. Neigh!" MATILDA I shall spend the rest of my life making it up to you.". Matilda: Her father was a doctor, and he needed someone to look after things at home. Yes. Some will only be good at making Jell-O salad. Then look at you. Now I can afford Rudolpho all day long! [She takes a drink of water.] And we don't forget the day we fought , CHILDREN [She slams the chair down.] [:g-] Mne toe prijatno poznakomitsja s vami. xref You're better off raising tomatoes. E . MISS TRUNCHBULL 0000000017 00000 n I live in a cage, Harry! And do you know something else? You can't learn that from a stupid book, [audience member's name]! Because this idiot, this nit, this twit-brain, seemed to think it was a good idea to sell one hundred fifty five old bangers . We're revolting. to introduce herself and when Matilda shares her last name, the Trunchbull starts ranting about, As usual, the Wormwood house is empty. HORTENSIA Mrs. F-F-I. I've seen your life. And he grabs her hand, and . She never said a single word about the evil aunt's bullying, because she didn't want to cause a fuss, and so she suffered in silence. Of aiding and abetting. You think she did him in! oh no Matilda not worse, they can't get worse! Agatha Trunchbull: MATILDA They were left out there for the whole world to see because you weren't here to take 'em in! But that was the last the little girl ever saw of her father. She taught us with a poem. I didn't mean to desert you. MRS PHELPS exits, pushing a cart of books. Harry Wormwood: They are fair and they are deeply interested in education. stream << RG0 The bigger the telly, the smarter the man. Because the escapologist was so kind that he never for one second blamed the evil sister for what happened. Use the rod, beat the child, that's my motto. Living in revolting times. MR WORMWOOD Websay, "It got worse," right before the narrative cuts to the events in question. And that's not right! These answers that come into my mind, unbidden; My mommy thinks they're sweet. Amanda Thripp: "Worse"? I sold it for $7,839 big American boffo's. Several HENCHMEN in dark suits walk onto stage from the steps on both sides. Of discipline. MR WORMWOOD, MRS WORMWOOD, MICHAEL, and RUDOLPHO enter from the stairs to the left of the stage. phys-ed. Ladies and gentlemen! BRUCE scurries behind her, carrying a chair and wearing his "I have been to CHOKEY" sign. MISS TRUNCHBULL makes as though to erase the letters, but is bullied off the steps on the stage and disappears. [She grabs the books from MISS HONEY's hands.] Matilda: Narrator: And when I grow up, But when the little girl fell asleep, the escapologist's thoughts turned to the acrobat's sister, and an almighty rage grew inside his great heart. endobj Hey. The first car your brilliant father sold cost $320. . google_color_text="5F6A72"; MRS PHELPS walks over to a cart of books, blowing her nose into a handkerchief. Behind him, the scene changes to MATILDA's bedroom. MATILDA The end is happier. Miss Honey: When lights go up again, there are four swings hanging from the rafters. Just because I find myself in this story. When you're a grown up. MATILDA: And so they When I grow up . You read books. . SERGEI I run into the workshop. With a bang, the theatre is showered in confetti. Oh, yeah. Mrs. Wormwood: ESCAPOLOGIST No, but don't people need good cars? Which is what she said happened. The narrator says that sometimes When this gets unbearable, she plays one of her tricks. Because he never came home ever again. Do I allow pigs in my school? We'll find out where the chalk is stored! [to HORTENSIA] You, turn around, and spell the one thing that you all are. I didn't, I was on the garage roof. Once in our Cube of Cash, any money that sticks to your gooey body, you get to take home! Here we are. I'm Lavender, by the way. You think . And on the way back . Would you like that, Matilda? One day Jen, you'll see that everything I do is for your own good. She is everything. From across the stage, MATILDA focuses her attention on the cup of water that MISS TRUNCHBULL is standing near. Is twenty-three minutes plus advertisements. Hooray! I'm not just a bit different from She brings her fist down three times to great thundering sounds. miserable collection of excuses for children, and you, madam, standing there like the squit of squits, are its beating heart! MRS PHELPS exits and the book shelves part. WORMWOOD(Matildas Father)(to the phone) Hang on. endobj . Would you like some milk? But then. No. 0000043667 00000 n [pointing her riding crop at Amanda] MATILDA MISS TRUNCHBULL Thus she was always forced to eat her evening meals out of TV-dinner-trays in front of the dreaded box. No. . The lawyer who defended you would have gone to college, too. Webmatilda monologue and then things got worse matilda monologue and then things got worse . AAAAAHHHHH! Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites. the flames are covered in foam before they can both be blown to pieces. At night, the escapologist's daughter cried herself to sleep, alone in her room. And though the people around me These are toads. The pong of defiance. ESCAPOLOGIST + MATILDA: "It is called," MATILDA: You've got to learn to listen, kids! And the 4th cost $1,100. I don't know. They're all mistakes, children! Upon the net is the word "DISCIPLINE".]. And I will wake up I want to be in school. Matilda: Matilda: In this classroom, in this school, I am god! [bends down] I'm telling you, I didn't do it! You what? I'm all right, daddy. "ucE&RvSs]I';S*t'ms?uIzW1e@JoW("D&g e0v&4&IJ_t#5bpndOA66&q5)e;&!#:X@ And I will go to bed late every night. ], MISS TRUNCHBULL Get it off me! The OLDER KIDS bring in a tall ladder, a trampoline, a gymnastic platform, and a mattress. MATILDA JR Ms. Trunchbull addresses the class. MATILDA THE MUSICAL- Matilda makes up a story about a child losing her parents. Agatha Trunchbull: All right, let's step it up. Even if you're little you can do a lot. \skV'cf%&9vnXn/M7*aHp5m?$|^Q *X0v(\zx!K4T]~ v %fy\0@v"pdf9p 0 And very, very stupid. . WebMATILDA She broke every bone in her body. On the way back, I find a newt. Thought you'd pay me back, didn't you? The simpering and whimpering, Filthy, nasty things. Quiet. MRS PHELPS It isn't much, but it is enough for me. All polished up, but the mileage on the car telling the truth: that each one was knackered. . Michael: Miss Honey: [yells] MISS TRUNCHBULL staggers over to the chain pull and pulls it. And we'll have the Trunchbull bolting A poem? [Ja ne skazal "Da"! He pauses, and exits down the stairs. do something. Matilda! The next two verses overlap. They're for Matilda! google_color_bg="EDC7C2"; I am *not* seven years old anymore, Aunt Trunchbull! Don't cry, daddy. [snatching the book from Matilda and tears the pages out of the cover]. Its the way of the world. /Group << /Type /Group /S /Transparency /CS /DeviceRGB >> It has become clear to me, Miss Honey, that you have no idea what you are doing. Matilda turns around and carrot is facing her. "My students can't get enough of your charts and their results have gone through the roof." . I came across this old shed. Persistently resisting Why would she want some snotty, disobedient kid? You certainly are a special girl, Matilda. Children need discipline. No one was speaking, Miss Trunchbull. Unfulfilled and neglected by her family, Matilda often comes up with pranks to punish her parents. ]. Wormwood is a stupid man. Spell or go to Chokey! It was a programme about badgers. . He's very, very, very proud. Aren't you supposed to be in school, young lady? If you were six-and-a-half, you'd be in school already. Never again . Lovekins, where's my breakfast? Where did you get those? This only encouraged the woman to greater cruelties, until one day, she exploded! He had meant to say, "When a child is bad." MR WORMWOOD WebMATILDA: Their sadness overwhelmed them, and drew them on to evermore dangerous feats, as their work became the only place they could escape the inescapable tragedy of their lives! BRUCE and TOMMY sit on two of them. No ja budu staratsja i izuat dale.]. You and your father think you can make a fool out of me! So they were your parents! 1 Min. . Why would we waste our energy Even the squitiest, pitiest mess Five seconds. Wormwood!

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