1979 Juvenile Delinquency and Its Origins. Elliott (1994) has presented information from the NYS that suggests adult self-report data are more congruent with adult arrests than juvenile self-report data are with juvenile arrests. If a testing or panel effect plays a role in response rates, the more frequently respondents are interviewed the lower the age-specific rates should be. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 1:38-46. Nye 1957 Reported behavior as a criterion of deviant behavior. Washington, DC: U.S. Office of Education. Can a logical case be made that self-report measures of delinquency are valid in this respect? The National Crime Victimization Survey, a general population survey designed to cover the extent, nature, and consequences of criminal victimization, has been conducted annually since the early1970s. Weitekamp (1989) has criticized self-report studies for not only being predominantly concerned with the adolescent years but also, when covering the adult years, for using the same items used for juveniles. That's comparable to the share who say the same about the federal budget deficit (49%), violent crime (48% . Self-reported data is collected when individuals directly respond to questions about their own health status and behaviors. Yarrow, eds. Wolf 1981 Parent-youth interaction and delinquency in group homes. Validity, as noted above, is much harder to assess as there is no gold standard by which to judge self-reports. These findings are encouraging and suggest that self-report instruments, if administered with concern for the age of the respondents, can be used for very young children. These correlations are quite high in the Hindelang et al. Nevertheless, current scales seem to have acceptable levels of content and construct validity. If so, there should be high internal consistency among self-reported delinquency items. While this study is a good first step to take in exploring the issue, it is not yet clear whether the glass is half empty or half full. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers. Indeed, if one examines the general literature on delinquent and criminal behavior, it is surprising how few theoretically expected relationships are not observed for self-reported measures of delinquency and crime. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) is a program of studies designed to assess the health and nutritional status of adults and children in the United States. Rather, researchers have measured these key indicators through either parental reports or observational ratings. This finding is consistent with the overall conclusion in the Seattle study that the method of administration is relatively unimportant. So the central question in assessing the reliability of a measure is not whether it is reliable but how reliable it is; reliability is always a matter of degree. Three studies have examined testing effects in the use of self-report. Survey Self-Reported Delinquency Indices. American Sociological Review 26:733-743. Smith 1996 Asking sensitive questions: The impact of data collection, mode, question format, and question context. It is an inexpensive method of conducting research. Akers, R.L., J. Massey, W. Clarke, and R.M. As a result, the best that can be done is to compare different flawed measures of criminal involvement to see if there are similar responses and results. Some of them involve the construction of valid measures at different developmental stages; others involve the consequences of repeated measures. They found a surprisingly high degree of concordance between childrens and parents reports about the prevalence of delinquent behavior. Short, J.F., Jr., and F.I. 3. American Sociological Review 44:636-655. Psychological Review 100:674-701. Use of longitudinal designs. This has applications to colonoscopy, which is distinctly unpleasant, and for which one would like the subject to return for a repeat test every ten years. Biochemical measures, randomized response, and the bogue pipeline in smoking behavior. The NYS is also noteworthy because it is a panel design, having followed the original respondents into their thirties. Weis and Van Alstyne (1979) tested a randomized response procedure in the Seattle study. This cookie is used by Elastic Load Balancing from Amazon Web Services to effectively balance load on the servers. Kelly, D.H. 1974 Track position and delinquent involvement: A preliminary analysis. In addition, it misrepresents the dependent variable of many delinquency theories (e.g., Elliott et al., 1985; Thornberry, 1987) that attempt to explain serious, repetitive delinquency. Voss 1974 Delinquency and Dropout. Many people do not enumerate events, even when we might expect the question to lead them to do so. This allows us to assess criterion validity from early adolescence (the average age at wave 2 is 14) to early adulthood (the average age at wave 12 is 22). Victim surveys provide detailed information on both victims and offenders, identifying subgroups such as juvenile delinquents, the elderly, and ethnic minorities. Nevertheless, relatively little attention has been paid to the use of self-report tech. Brame, R., S. Bushway, R. Paternoster, and T.P. Klein, ed. 1973 Self-reports of deviant behavior: Predictive and stable? For each item the subjects are asked if they committed the act since the previous interview. To address this crucial element of research, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) held an informative conference here in November, The Science of Self-report: Implications for Research & Practice, at which more than 500 researchers and policymakers learned about many of the critical limits of self-report as a research tool as well as some of the latest techniques to enhance its effectiveness. Linking the findings from self-report research directly to medical practice , speaker Arthur Barsky of Harvard Medical Schools Division of Psychiatry at Brigham and Womens Hospital pointed out that there is a very poor correlation between the patients report of the seriousness of his symptoms, the medical findings of the presence of a pathological condition, and the patients utilization of health care. Pain is not a simple sensory event and is not proportional to tissue damage, reported APS Member Francis Keefe, of Duke University Medical Centers Pain Management Program. Some theories of crime (e.g., Gottfredson and Hirschi, 1990; Jessor et al., 1991) assume there is an underlying construct, such as self-control, that generates versatility in offending. Porterfield, A.L. This paper reviews the history of the third methodself-report surveysassesses its validity and reliability, and compares results based on this approach to those based on official data. The higher prevalence rates need to be externally validated. Over the years a variety of group comparisons have been made to assess the validity of self-report measures. And while the empirical data that clinicians obtainsuch as blood pressure or lab resultsare . For example, some respondents were 14 at the time of their first interview; some were 14 at their second interview (the original 13-year-old cohort); some were 14 at their third interview (the original 12-year-old cohort); and so forth. With respect to reliability, this approach to measuring involvement in delinquency and crime appears to be acceptable. "The solution is to have really tight third-party vendor risk management practices and get reliable assurances about the information protection practices of your vendors," Huval suggested. 12 chapters | The two major studies of this topic produced different results: Weis and Van Alstyne (1979). Sign up for email notifications and we'll let you know about new publications in your areas of interest when they're released. This technique is not limited to yes or no questions or to flipping coins. Klein, ed. Broder, P.K., and J. Zimmerman 1978 Establishing the Reliability of Self-Reported Delinquency Data. succeed. They observed more similarity in those characteristics between victimization and Uniform Crime Reports data than between self-report data and the other two sources. Weitekamp (1989) has criticized self-report studies for being primarily concerned with the adolescent years and simply using the same items for adults. 2. Putting this all together, it could be concluded that for most analytical purposes, self-reported measures are acceptably accurate and valid. Jensen, G.F., M.L. A few examples of this approach can be offered. The content validity of the recent inventories is acceptable, the construct validity is quite high, and the criterion validity appears to be in the moderate-to-strong range. During this period of time researchers began to recognize the true potential of the self-report methodology. There is an external criterion for one class of deviant behaviorsubstance use. There was a good deal of similarity across the methods. Set by addthis.com to determine the usage of addthis.com service. Beverly Hills, CA: Sage. This survey is one of the most important sources of self-report data on criminal careers and the causes of offending, although concerns have been raised about testing effects in it (Thornberry, 1989; Lauritsen, 1999). Tourangeau and Smith indicate that techniques that are self-administered generally elicit higher rates of problematic behaviors than those administered by an interviewer. Patterson, G.R., and R. Loeber 1982 The Understanding and Prediction of Delinquent Child Behavior. Social Problems 20(2):209-229. Abstract. 1987 Toward an interactional theory of delinquency. 203-225 in Cross-National Research in Self-Reported Crime and Delinquency, M.W. There are many ways an HRA will account for bias or errors in self-reported data. This is the central question. To unlock this lesson you must be a Study.com Member. The self-report method was developed in and for cross-sectional studies. cluding different but overlapping items on instruments covering different ages across the life span is the best compromise. National Research in Self-Reported Crime and Delinquency, M.W. For regularly occurring behaviors this elicits accurate answers with the minimum of mental effort. Overall, the study estimated that 95 to 96 percent of the self-reported responses were accurate and valid. Nevertheless, the concordance between having an official arrest and a self-report of being arrested is high. The _ga cookie, installed by Google Analytics, calculates visitor, session and campaign data and also keeps track of site usage for the site's analytics report. By demonstrating their involvement in the community and their knowledge of its members and workers relatives, Massey and colleagues are able to establish trust, over a period of years, and to get answers about the laborers experiences, documenting answers to non-standardized questions in an extensive data recording sheet. The NYS also includes data on unreported cases. Condition-targeted health assessments for service line growth. More recently, Lauritsen (1998) examined this topic using hierarchical linear models to estimate growth curve models for general delinquency and serious delinquency. Crime surveys, such as self-report surveys, help determine precisely how to counter crime rates and whether changes are needed in the system. Ready to take your reading offline? Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 61:911-919. Were going to need it because the interpretation of events may be important, and only the individual can provide those interpretations, said Baldwin in the opening session initiating the two-day conference. In the exceptional case the number of arrests for violent offenses is so sparse over time that we do not think the estimate is reliable. For example, comparing the rate of gang fights from wave to wave, Thornberry found that for 67 percent of the comparisons there was a decrease in age-specific prevalence rates, whereas there was an increase in only 20 percent of the comparisons and in 13 percent there was no change. Because memory is reconstructive, not merely a readout of data, it is a cognitive task. We remember an average of the moment of peak intensity and the pain at the end of the procedure. There are three basic ways to measure criminal behavior on a large scale. They were interviewed only once, so all of the self-reported arrest data are retrospective, with relatively long recall periods. In the past quarter century criminological research has increasingly relied on longitudinal studies to describe and explain patterns of criminal behavior. They correlate a number of etio. Life satisfaction and happiness vary widely both within and among countries. Below we evaluate the adequacy of this approach for measuring delinquent and criminal behavior. By these criteria, the difficulties in self-report instruments currently in use would appear to be surmountable; the method of self-reports does not appear from these studies to be fundamentally flawed. Hindelang and colleagues (1979) and Elliott and Ageton (1980) sug. Indeed, given the relative rarity of involvement in delinquent acts, it is very likely that most people will respond in the negative to most items and in the affirmative to only a few items. YSC cookie is set by Youtube and is used to track the views of embedded videos on Youtube pages. View our suggested citation for this chapter. This is called an audio computer-assisted self-administered interview (ACASI). In one case, individuals are asked if they have been victims of crime; in the other, they are asked to self-report their own criminal activity. Krohn, A.J. In this way the respondent can admit to sensitive behavior but other people, including the interviewer, do not know if the admission is truthful or not. The primary role of the NYS is to determine why youth engage in deviant behavior. Several conclusions, especially for the more recent self-report inventories, appear warranted. Developmental Psychology 20:1120-1134. If the coin lands on tails, please tell me the truth. Developments in self-report methods have improved the quality of data collected and have expanded their applicability to the study of antisocial behavior throughout the life course. This cookie, set by YouTube, registers a unique ID to store data on what videos from YouTube the user has seen. Olweus, D. 1979 Stability and aggressive reaction patterns in males: A review. Test-retest measures (and internal consistency measures) indicate that self-reported measures of delinquency are as reliable as, if not more reliable than, most social science measures. For starters, a physicians question such as Youre taking the pills the way I prescribed, arent you? is not likely to uncover any problems with compliance. Studies based on self-reports are more apt to find a state dependence effect than are studies based on official data. That variation can be very slight or quite large. Early self-report scales tended to ignore serious criminal and delinquent events and concentrated almost exclusively on minor forms of delinquency. Waldo, ed. Similarly, reliability and validity vary across subscales (e.g., Huizinga and Elliott, 1986); improving subscales will not only help them but also the overall scale as they are aggregated. Wylie 1947 Our law-abiding law-breakers. Waldo, and T.G. Self-reported data is collected when individuals directly respond to questions about their own health status and behaviors. Doing so, however, raises questions about construct continuity. New York: Cambridge University Press. Try refreshing the page, or contact customer support. Current self-report measures typically include 30 to 40 items measuring a wide array of delinquent acts. If the time period between the test and the retest is too great, it is likely the responses given on the retest would be less accurate than those given on the test because of memory decay. also studied positive bias, the self-reporting of arrests that are not found in official records. Most estimates of reliability are quite high, and there is no evidence of differential reliability. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(3949674, '5e096750-1056-4c7c-a61f-69ea402f1c29', {"useNewLoader":"true","region":"na1"}); Tags: Also, as Lauritsen points out, it is not consistent with other data on secular trends for the same time period (see also Thornberry, 1989; Osgood et al., 1989). But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Bersoff implores researchers to at least address these issues before beginning research studies. Understand your population's health risks and improve health outcomes. 1963 Status deprivation and delinquent behavior. Thornberry, C. Rivera, and M. LeBlanc 2001 Later delinquency careers. A substantial minority of the children, including those who had findings on physical exam that confirmed the abuse, failed to recall the instances. 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