The instructors and other professionals in the class made me feel so welcomed and treated me the same as everyone else. Avery L Hill - Waco, TX, I loved the course and all the information - the instructors were great, and made sure during lab everyone had specific 1 on 1 time with the instructors. Lots of support and supplemental help after the course offered.Becka Bisset, PT DPT - East Lansing, MI, This is best owned class Ive taken! She has completed postgraduate continuing education courses with the American Physical Therapy Association and the Herman & Wallace Institute in: examination and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction, athletes and pelvic rehab, myofascial release, pregnancy rehab, male health, advanced orthopedic assessment for the pelvic health therapist, and nutrition perspectives for pelvic health. I feel very prepared for my Pelvic Floor Clinic.- Angela Gonsalves, SPT - Fayetteville, NC, I am so glad I took this course. I attended the Pelvic Floor Level 1 Course, very anxious about what the experience would be like. It definitely helped me be more confident and comfortable providing this care. -Melanie Desamito PT, DPT - Waco, TX, I had a great experience with this course and thought it was a great introduction to womens health in a very comfortable and fun way. Thank you!Erica Rodas, MS, OTR/L - Charlestown, MA, Incorporate more PTs like Erin all instructors are great but we dont get a lot of trauma ed 50. They all were energetic, which helped to stay focused. 10/10 recommends this course to anyone wanting to explore pelvic health physical therapy.- Arianna Robichaux, SPT - River Ridge, LA, Amazing course knowledgeable instructors and aids. This course was an incredible experience! This type of registration cannot be completed online, if you are wishing to receive the Multi-Course discount please call or email us directly for assistance. - Courtney Thompson, PT, DPT - Marina del Rey, CA, Excellent course! Registrants who already own a copy of this or a corresponding text book are not required to purchase an additional one. Sarah Shaw, SPT - San Diego, CA, Coming in being a student, I was nervous how comfortable I would feel in being able to go into clinical and treat patients - however after the weekend I feel that I have enough tools and knowledge to see this population. All of the practice was very helpful. =============================, 6:00 am PST - Zoom opens 30 mins before course for registration and setup They explained the information incredibly thoroughly and provided the best information. - Ella Dodi-Monk, PT, DPT, CEEAA - Lebanon, VA, This has been the best course I have taken in my physical therapy career! The way the information was presented was engaging, knowledgeable and incredibly helpful as I pursue my passion in pelvic rehabilitation. - Gillian McGeorge, DPT, ATC, OCS - Ogden, UT, Wonderful class. - Meggon McCormick Mink, PT, DPT - Bristol, TN, As a male therapist, many methods were taught to help potential clients be aware of what to expect during an exam. Instructor reinforced techniques/info presented from day 1-3 and labs helped put all info together. I started the course with very little knowledge of the Pelvic Floor and now I feel confident that I can evaluate and treat Pelvic Floor patients. Everything you learn can go straight into patient care. - Amy Richey P.T. List the pelvic floor muscle functions 3. The instructors were very knowledgeable and allowed everyone to feel respected and welcomed. 1. I feel ready to put to use my new skills on Monday! She was very knowledgeable and kept class interesting with her wit and sense of humor. 7:30 - Lab 1: PF Exam Techniques Part 1: Observation, Identification, Muscle layers, ICS Scoring She earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Rhode Island in 2018. Daily lab time allows for supervised instruction of pelvic floor muscle evaluation with external palpation and internal vaginal examination of pelvic floor musculature. I'm leaving . Excited to add to my tool-box. Special Considerations:As this continuing education course includes extensive lab work, all course attendees should come prepared to participate as both clinician and patient. Oz.) Daily lab time allows for supervised instruction of pelvic floor muscle evaluation with external palpation and internal vaginal examination of pelvic floor musculature. Theresa Gavin PTA - York, PA, This course was fantastic. Herman & Wallace | Pelvic Rehabilitation InstituteTerms & Conditions that apply to all Continuing Education Courses, Copyright 2021 Herman & Wallace | All Rights Reserved Privacy and Cookie Policy, Pacific Time - Day 1: 8:00am - 4:30pm / Day 2: 8:00am - 4:45pm, Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification, List of Certified Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioners, Pelvic Floor Level 1 Satellite Lab Course, Pelvic Floor Level 1 - Satellite Lab Course - July 10-11, 2021, What to Expect During Courses with Internal Lab Work, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention of Urinary Incontinence, Kimberly Nelson DPT, OCS - Burnsville, MN, Great Course! They make you feel comfortable and ease nervousness. Locate another therapist or small group of therapists who would like to register together as a unit. - Dang Le PT, DPT - Sunnyvale, CA, Great Course! I have a new clinical passion! Both instructors were great! Definitely looking forward to PF2A and PF2B. DN - Shelby, NC, Great Introduction course. -Wallis Morris, PT, DPT, CSCS - Steamboat Springs, CO, Really great class, great materials provided. This course was fantastic. Presentation of evidence-based evaluation and treatment techniques will be emphasized. May send us copies of slides to print larger at home. Im excited to help this population of people! -Katherine Domenici - Concord, NH, I was beyond impressed with the knowledge, experience, and personable demeanors of the instructors and TAs. Thank you for great weekend! Labs will be conducted under the supervision of instructors and teaching assistants. 7. Thank you!- Michelle Fell - Mandeville, LA, Thank you, Heather for all your for Catchphrases and for sharing your personal experiences. The H&W admin team will verify that registrants signed up with this code are, indeed, current students prior to their attendance of the course). Content is not intended for use outside the scope of the learner's license or regulation. As a pregnant participant who had to work in groups of 3s, I difficult to get labs completed in the amount of time intended for 2 people.- Amanda Satcher, OTR/L - Nashville, TN, Loved this course! Excellent instructors with many personal examples of working with patient population very engaging, made a learning easy evidence based; great references for relevant studies.- Sandra M Smith, PT - Orlando, FL, Thank you for being so inspiring and taking time to teach us changed/motivated me to be/do more. I was able to relax and learn early on. They provided a great learning environment and were able to answer all questions. The knowledge of these instructors was very empowering as I now have new career role models and support for my future career. Vaginal examination and internal myofascial manual therapy prior to 32 weeks gestation is not the common standard of medical practice. Cant wait for more! I cant believe how much Ive learned in only a few days! The content was interesting and presented clearly. I was so nervous beforehand but I have pelvic pain, but everybody made me comfortable and able to learn and participate in everything including the labs. Individual registrations without a qualified and registered partner are not permitted. Instructors were very professional but have great personalities. I had little idea of what to expect. - Karen Costello PT - Evergreen Park, IL, Excellent instructors. I feel confident in assessing and treating general pelvic floor dysfunction.- Rachel Duff, PT - Clinton Twp, MI, I went into this course very nervours, After first day I was very comfortable. The course is loaded with information but they presented everything in a non-intimidating way and brought so much clinical connection to the material. Vaginal pelvic floor muscle examinations will be taught in labs. This course was designed to provide a thorough introduction to female pelvic floor function, dysfunction and treatment interventions. -Deanna Davis - Fort Smith, AR, Going to this course has really changed the way I want to practice PT. Cant wait to attend a level 2 course next yr!Bridget K. Gustwiller, PT - Defiance, OH, I was excited to take this course and learn more about the pelvic floor. - Taylor Collins, SPT - Savannah, GA, This was an incredible course. Good labs! The TAs were all great and answered all my questions well. - Katye Clark, PT, DPT, ATC - Indianapolis, IN, Loved the course! So I feel much more knowledge and more comfortable treating this population.- Dr. Kaitlyn Owen, PT, DPT - Nogales, AZ, Great course, Very informative! Many participants find it helpful to review the anatomy of the pelvis and perineum I have never felt so confident in my potential as an SPT, future DPT- I have found my passion through this course! Good information! List two diagnoses that would benefit from applications of electrotherapy 9. We champion diversity and are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives and skills. Instructors inspired learning and confidence. A Facebook page for either this course or prior course participants would be helpful as well as a video of the PF YMCA!- Danielle Klein, PT - Hastings, NE, Thank you for empowering me to go out. Everything was very organized.- Lindsi E. Johnson, MS, OTR/L, ATP - Springfield, MO, This course has ignited a file for being a PT that we thought was gave forever! Participants were also very accepting to me when performing lab techniques/session. Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute provides continuing education courses for medical professionals seeking to improve their pract. I knew there would be an internal lab, and that was daunting to me. Click here for a list of satellite locations where participants will be gathering at hosted locations with teaching assistants to assist the learning. List indications, precautions, contraindications, and universal precautions for pelvic floor examination and treatment 6. The evidence-based evaluation or treatment is as per all what I am currently learning in school! It feels so great to have learned so much in one weekend. I feel more knowledgeable about treating PF patients and know many resources to refer to for future questions about treatment and equipment.- Alyssa Sonnier, SPT - Sulphur, LA, This was my first introduction to Pelvic Floor assessment and treatment. 69: Why You Should See a Pelvic Floor PT and Birth RX with Dr. Antoinette. 2:45 - Questions (Resources, Billing, Marketing, Etc. Instructors were very welcoming and accommodating to me. I look forward to taking the future course with Herman and Wallace. 1:15 - Lab 3: Bladder Diary Activity I felt very accepted in the practice everything in the course. I was never taught pelvic floor in school and this was 1st exposure. Registrants wishing to enroll in 5 or more courses should contact us for a customized quote. An invaluable learning experience. Please Contact Us with any questions about the use of this text as a required reading in this course. Lots of repetitions and practice learning intention. I truly appreciate this and am excited to attend my next course.- Sandra Walker, PT, DPT - Grand Rapids, MI, I truly enjoyed the course and plan to take the following course as well!- Ashley N. Williams, PT, DPT - El Paso, TX, It was amazing how comfortable we got throughout the course very supportive.- Paulette Swanson PT, DPT, MS - Melbourne, FL, This was a wonderful course that has made me excited to be specializing in such a rewarding area!- Hana Grace James - Tupelo, MS, Loved it! 6:30 am PST - Course begins / Introduction, goals, objectives, questions Very accommodating to breast feeding / to allow pumping.- Chelsea Muncy - West Chester, OH, This was absolutely wonderful! Cant wait to bring things to patients next week and build my existing practice. Thank you for building confidence providing thorough knowledge and teaching pride/respect for our amazing bodies!Katherine Thomas, PT, DPT - Grand Rapids, MI, I was nervous coming into this course. Excited to keep taking Herman & Wallace courses!- Catherine Sink, PT, DPT - Johnson City, TN, I absolutely loved this course. They were so knowledgeable about the material and helpful during the lab portion. - Allie Grden DPT - Lansing, MI, Excellent, lively, resourceful instructors, very supportive. The instructor will be presenting to all satellites from a remote location via Zoom. Learning about this topic will help me greatly to help so many people.- Renee Hogue, DPT - Artesia, NM, Great course! I needed to grow my interest in Pelvic Floor PT. As a PT student, I did not feel intimidated in the slightest. Erin Locati, PT, DPT - San Antonio, TX, Instructors each had a different style and both engaging and very knowledgeable. She has a passion for lifelong learning, and education. Song/Dance, hand movements, and funny stories made it interesting. Course discounts for the PF series are being capped at 10% no matter on group size or number of registrations - but will be staying the same for specialty courses. I 10/10 recommend H&W And I look forward to attending my next course!- Alex Widcamp, SPT - Westlake, LA, Very interactive and engaging course! Teri and Christine made this very comfortable and improved my own biases with pelvic floor PT. Exceptions to this policy may be granted on a case-by-case basis. I cant wait for my next H&W course!- Erin Tucker - Sacramento, CA, Great Course! Dr. Antoinette Gagliard is a pelvic floor physical therapist in Las Vegas. I now have the tools to help my orthopaedic patients also that have unresolved SI or LBP. Thank you!- Aimee Anthony, PT, DPT, OCS - Kenner, LA, I learned a lot it was a bit overwhelming, but everyone was really helpful and then the managing movement is really helped organized. Best course I have been to! Katherine O'Brien CNM - catonsville, MD, Absolutely the best course I have ever attended. 2:00 - Break Would take a course with Jessica again! Jasmine Garth, PT, DPT, Cert. Identify specific pelvic pain conditions (vulvodynia, IC and CPP) and common physical therapy interventions 7. I was so nervous coming in to the 1st day, but all of the instructors/TAs made this learning environment one that was so comfortable.- Sarah Prejean, PT, DPT - Lafayette, LA, Loaded with useful information that will help a large portion of your patients. No one participant will be required to partner with any other one participant during labs. I would like to see a pelvic clock. This brought the subject matter to life for me almost as much as the labs. All of the faculty were helpful in making me feel comfortable, especially since I was the only male in the class. Nicely ties into whatever treatments we know and use.Chelsea E Sweetman, PT, DPT - West Kingston, RI, PF1 course is a great course for a beginner into PF Rehab I have never learned anatomy so fast! - Jamie Dills, DPT, Cert. Comfortable environment. I was also slightly temfied at the same time. Well organized and useful/open/welcoming environment.- Audrey Finer PT DPT - Algona, IA, Jen and Teri are amazing at providing this course with real world application not just an educational course. (Note, this code is only valid for non-licensed students. I am excited to see where it takes me in my career, and I love that I learned so much about my own body.- Alisha Carter, SPT - Manchester, NH, I feel confident to expand my practice and serve a needy population after taking this class., ============================= - Amy Wahlgren, PT, DPT, CORS - Lima, OH, Really enjoyed the class. Pre-recorded videos that are required must be watched before going onto the next session. 7:30 - Break 2) Pelvic Floor Evaluation and Examination (1 hour 30 min) 7:45 - Lab 5: Pelvic Floor Examination and Prolapse Exam, External Palpation Thank you!- Maricel Briones, DPT, CMTPT, OCS - Virginia Beach, VA, The instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful. I am grateful for that! Panys testimony about diversity and being inclusive was very heartfelt and genuine; it almost brought tears to my eyes! - Chelsea Waldkirch, PT, DPT - Centerton, AR, Really helped me feel comfortable as a male in an all female class for a pelvic floor class. I hope to continue learning in order to help others and (as I found out this weekend) help myself.- Jacqueline Richards, PT, DPT, ATC - Chestertown, MD, I feel so empowered for my patients and for myself learning this course. Material is organized. The best part of this course was the instructor. I found all the research, references, referrals, books, websites etc. - Geena Kerr - Chicago, IL, Herman and Wallace PF1 provided the education and encouragement I needed to develop my clinical skills as a provider of pelvic health services. 2:15 - Case Studies I feel like it did teach me so much and not just about the PF. We always want to hear from those interested in hosting our courses. Clinical treatment interventions will include therapeutic exercise,external manual therapy, patient related education/behavioral instructions and electrotherapeutic modalities. Describe the applications of SEMG biofeedback for the pelvic floor 10. Your Mask- Please wear a mask while participating in this course to keep your colleagues safe. Save Now! What does self-hosted mean? Antoinette adores living in the beautiful city of Las Vegas. 10-14 days before the course, participants will receive an invite to join Teachable, an online learning platform. Identify specific pelvic pain conditions (vulvodynia, IC and CPP) and common physical therapy interventions 7. Iman Baneyi - Alexandria, VA, This was my first foray into Pelvic Floor therapy so I was nervous and excited. 3:00 - Adjourn. I had the full range of emotions. You may register while in your 2nd year for a course that is taking place by the time you have become a third-year student. We have gained much knowledge and cant wait to get into the clinic and start treating patients! Loved it!- Amy Hinkel, PT, MSl, MSR-PT - Southlake, TX, This was an excellent course with lots of relevant information. Instructors & TAs were all very knowledgeable & helpful throughout the entire weekend! - Emily Larson, SPT - Chicago, IL, I felt this course was crucial and extremely informative. The instructors made me feel comfortable and safe. Thank you!- Brianna Irion, PT, DPT - Kalispell, MT, The instructors and lab assistances were beyond helpful and incredibly knowledgeable. Very well organized.- Michelle Anne Johnson, PT, DPT - Woodward, OK, These course instructors & Tas were fabulous. As a student still, I did not feel treated as a student, I was treated as a equal and loved getting to learn from everyone! 7) Awareness of Trauma (1 hour) This course instructs in the use of biofeedback equipment. Currently, Kimberly practices out of Massachusetts General Hospital. Kim graduated with her doctorate in physcial therapy from MGHIHP after completing her undergraduate work in Classics at UNH. In order to foster an environment that is non-triggering and safe for all participants, we recommend all participants consider the emotional impact they may experience during the course, and consider consulting a trauma counselor or therapist prior to attending. Very practical. PLEASE NOTE: This course includes internal assessment and exam techniques, which will be practiced in partnered pairs in lab time. Read more about What to Expect During Courses with Internal Lab Work. 5) Introduction to Pelvic Pain (1 hour 10 min) -Danielle Mckinney, PT, DPT - Shalimar, FL, I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this course Susannah and Jessica are so amazing, sensitive, compassionate and knowledgeable forces of nature. Jessica was passionate about Pelvic Health PT and made the course fun and informative! Cool as a student to hear from practicing people from different specialties.- Leah Connerty, SPT - Manchester, NH, This course was exactly the level of knowledge. This was amazing!- Sarah Coggins - Waterbury, VT, As a student, this course taught me a lot about the pelvic floor that is missing from out curriculum. The time in lab was crucial to solidify the skills.- Michelle Laging PT, DPT - Denver, CO, Amazing course! The instructors and lab assistants were all very personable and empathetic. This 10% discount is available for a single registrant who wishes to enroll in 3 or more courses, and pay in one transaction. Herman and Wallace Partners with MedBridge Herman and Wallace partners with MedBridge to provide education and patient engagement tools for pelvic floor dysfunction. - Michael Via, MSPT - Sarasota, FL, Teri and Jennifer were great instructors. Plus, you make great connection with peers!- Kara Weber, SPTA - Otsego, MI, I was very nervous coming to this course and within minutes the speakers Jen & Megan set me and everyone at ease making it a safe & wonderful experience. IUGA/ICS report on female pelvic floor terminology6. Please Contact Us with any questions about the use of this text as a required reading in this course. Packed with great information and caring. The following supplies: Non Latex, Non-Powder Vinyl Gloves MEDIUM (box of 100) Hand Sanitizer (8 . In order to derive the most benefit from this course, we ask our participants to internalize the required reading materials and complete a diary assignment prior to attending. Highly recommend for anyone in any practice! Very personable and funny. I took level 1 with another company and this was exponentially more in-depth, inclusive, and comprehensive. Aimee Schuh PT, DPT - Silver Spring, MD, Presenters were Amazing! This course got me excited to treat new PTs.- Victoria Aspell, PT, DPT - Chelmsford, MA, Great examples related to content. The labs really helped to solidify the information.- Laura Smith, MPT, CLT-LANA - Aptos, CA, I feel that Pelvic Floor Level 1 will really help my practice. - Deidra R. Nichols, PT, DPT, OCS - Blackfoot, ID, I loved the variety of teaching styles. I wouldnt mind having EMG Day 3 and move Day 3s info to Day 2. Identify the various types of urinary incontinence and behavioral treatment options available to the physical therapist 8. Antoinette earned her Bachelor's of Art in Biology with minors in Health Promotion and Psychology from Bridgewater State University. Demo lab was amazingly helpful (Instructor demo on one person)Sonya Richardson, DPT, GCS - Oakland, CA, This was a great course and I cant wait to take another course. Im ready for my next (2B in NJ). The printable portion of your manual from Teachable if you choose to print. Held my attention for 3 full days of lecture/lab. -Alison A Hayman - Chicago, IL, This course was amazing! List appropriate outcome measure tools for urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic pain 5. We ask that participants keep a personal bladder diary measuring and recording fluid intake and urine output for two days - one work day and one non-work day. 9:00 - Specific Diagnoses in Female Pelvic Pain Presentation of evidence-based evaluation and treatment techniques will be emphasized. The level of expertise, amount of information, and feedback provided was very reassuring. 1. The style of presenting, re-presenting and stacking concept made it an easy transition to seeing the big picture.- Danielle Brooke Sanders, OT - Lafayette, LA, Amazing course! - Tayler Stone, PT, DPT - Fort Wayne, IN, Great introductory knowledge. Thanks!- Kelsey Graham, OTR/L - Oxnard, CA, I though this course was amazing! Pany and Amanda complement one another and are a knowledge power house. List the pelvic floor muscle functions 3. I would like pictures bigger & not blurry.- Mallory Lott - New Orleans, LA, This course encompasses a wide variety of conditions and has given me the confidence to begin a career in pelvic floor therapy.- Abby Fitts PT, DPT - Anniston, AL, Great course so much valuable information. This experience was eye-opening and put all reservations at ease. Lab assistants were fantastic help was always available.- Lisa Loveless - Strongsville, OH, The content of the course is wonderful and so comprehensive.

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