Counties Note: this data does not include Charter Schools. PA, Pottstown Individual salaries will vary depending on the job, department, and location, as well as the employees level of education, certifications, and additional skills. There are two types of City jobs: civil service and non-civil service. 8. Today, they finally prevailed: Mayor Jim Kenney announced this afternoon that the city had . The starting pay at City of Philadelphia is $24,000 per year, or $11.54 per hour. Possessing these skills could lead to a higher salary. This includes details like salary and union code. Click below to expand the table to view a description of the data and download a data set for a specific school year. SALARY; WILLIAM HITE: CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICE: SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS: $317,902: . The district provided employee salary and benefits information for employees earning over $150,000 between January 1, 2008 and January 1, 2011. The faculty salary has risen 2.40% ($4,046) from last year. Click below to download Full Time Employee (FTE) counts. For example, they can sort salary data by department or by range. Employee salary and payroll records for 4,009 county employers. Philadelphia City Council members drew a salary ranging from $110,498 to $140,864. The average City of Philadelphia hourly pay ranges from approximately $19 per hour for a Lifeguard to $52 per hour for an Engineer. While the average employee salary at City of Philadelphia is $44,399, there is a big variation in pay depending on the role. City Of Philadelphia average salary in 2018 was $62,046. Certain professions have different possible career progressions with the City. Pennsylvania Verna, president of the city council, earned a salary of $148,864.[10]. Transport, replace, and maintain Point of Sale advertising as appropriate for account. Building, changing, and removing product displays; maintaining product signage; cleaning product space and Philadelphia City Paper pays its employees an average of $96,261 per year. Please note that this data set was erroneously labeled as a Calendar Year data set from January 1st to December 31st prior to the FY 2022 file upload. City College Lag New York $191,509; Nyc Courts New York $190,079; Circuit Court Judges Illinois Notes: Since employee counts fluctuate throughout the year, the sum of BASE_SALARY does not reflect the total budgeted amount. The database features names, titles, departments, annual salary and gross overtime year-to-date for all 30,000 city workers, including elected officials. You do not need a college degree for all of these positions. Non-civil service positions do not. In general, the police and fire departments employed the most of public employees. Please reference the business rules provided in the data information document for more details on these metrics. For comparison, the title contact agent at City of Philadelphia earns $25,269 per year. That works out to $21.35 per hour at City of Philadelphia, compared to $15.18 per hour at US National Archives. You can also sign up to be notified when theres a new opening for a certain job class. State and local courts | Within these states, the editors of Sunshine Review focused on the most populous cities, counties and school districts, as well as the emergency services entities within these governments. The City of Philadelphia lists open data sets and other data resources available to the public on School Budget: Last refreshed: 2022-2023 | Next Update: 2023-2024, District Budget: Last refreshed: 2014-2015 | Next Update: Discontinued. A total of 601,337 households are located in Philadelphia City School District area. Albert Chu - Deputy Medical . Were always working to improve Some of the positions that earn high wages at City of Philadelphia include managing director, application specialist, asset manager, and program director. But Philadelphia employees contributed less to their fund than employees in other cities at an average of 1.85% of contributions coming from employees in the last 20 years.[13]. PHILADELPHIA Mayor Kenneys commitment to making the data of city government open and easily accessible to all citizens reached a new milestone today with the release of the salaries of all city employees. [1], In 2011 there were 33 employees earning over $150,000 and five earning more than $190,000:[2][3]. Civil service positions: You must live in Philadelphia for one year before your appointment date. Cities | This article may not adhere to Ballotpedia's current article guidelines. The Open Data Guidebook is a document designed to assist City departments (and other government entities) in identifying, reviewing, releasing and maintaining open data sets. Mark Gale, the chief executive officer for the division of aviation, earned $200,000. Click below to download School Budgets or District Budget from fiscal year 2015. There are over 30,000 public employees in the City of Philadelphia, working in over 50 different departments and with 1000 different position titles. The city and county of Philadelphia consolidated in 1854. Employees: 29,289 Category: Average Salary: $16,479. Property Data; Schools Employee Payroll; Philly. When choosing a place to work, it's important to factor in the cost of living when negotiating a salary. Second, promote transparency for better accountability to citizens. There are different paths for employees with high school and college degrees. The editors of Sunshine Review selected eight states with relevant political contexts (listed alphabetically): 1. 2019 Property Assessments; Crime. Ballotpedia features 408,498 encyclopedic articles written and curated by our professional staff of editors, writers, and researchers. City of Philadelphia employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package . Members of the public and data users are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions on city data using our Open Data Forum. Presentation, Prospecting and Advertising are key to an Advertising Account Executive job at Philadelphia City Paper. Were always working to improve Only government entities in the U.S. can end in .gov, It looks like your device language is set to, Diversity, inclusion, accessibility & immigration. Year Employer Name Title Annual Wages Source; 2022: City of Philadelphia: Saeed Atif: Chief Executive Officer: City of Philadelphia: 2022: City of Philadelphia: Diangelo Constance The median base salary of Philadelphia employees is around $60,000. A study published by the Pew Charitable Trusts and the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia revealed that the city of Philadelphia had a problem with the efficiency and costs of public employee pensions. Last Refreshed: Apr 2023 | Next Update: Jul 2023. Geographic location can impact the pay for employees at City of Philadelphia as well. Salary schedules can be published as ranges, not as specific compensation figures, and may leave out compensation received through health and retirement benefits, as well as benefits such as commuter allowances and cell phone reimbursements. The report revealed that there were more individuals receiving pension benefits33,907 claimants in 2006than workers in the city28,701. For example, they can sort salary data by department or by range. Philadelphia City Payroll Search Philadelphia Housing Authority Payroll Search Philadelphia Parking Authority Payroll Search. 7. Every day, I see an example of a City worker exceeding the high bar of accountability this administration has set, the mayor said. To get a better sense of the salaries at City of Philadelphia, other roles such as contact agent and cleaner can be considered as well. You can also download a Zip file that contains all available years for a specific District Employees and Finance category. Salaries vary by department as well. However, workers in the it department earn an average salary of $77,334 per year. . New Jersey Questions about the City of Philadelphia's open data efforts can be directed to the, In April of 2012, Mayor Nutter established a formal open data policy for the City of Philadelphia with. University of Pennsylvania is a private (not-for-profit), four-years institute located in Philadelphia, PA. Highest salary in City Of Philadelphia in 2018 was $228,858 . Multiple languages are available. U.S. Congress | The data can be can be accessed at Philadelphia is a city in Pennsylvania.The city and county of Philadelphia consolidated in 1854. Employees: 461,319 Category: Average Salary: $53,961, Employees: 407,825 Category: Average Salary: $87,603, Employees: 259,678 Category: Average Salary: $78,554, Employees: 65,401 Category: Average Salary: $88,037, Employees: 52,495 Category: Average Salary: $56,739, Employees: 49,083 Category: Average Salary: $29,735, Employees: 47,699 Category: Average Salary: $79,942, Employees: 46,373 Category: Average Salary: $34,528, Employees: 44,716 Category: Average Salary: $57,114, Employees: 44,423 Category: Average Salary: $59,619, Employees: 42,979 Category: Average Salary: $48,370, Employees: 40,096 Category: Average Salary: $42,726, Employees: 37,837 Category: Average Salary: $70,920, Employees: 35,922 Category: Average Salary: $49,645, Employees: 35,875 Category: Average Salary: $55,088, Employees: 29,289 Category: Average Salary: $16,479, Employees: 27,809 Category: Average Salary: $60,568, Employees: 27,640 Category: Average Salary: $42,705, Employees: 27,548 Category: Average Salary: $50,497, Employees: 27,074 Category: Average Salary: $38,441, Employees: 26,012 Category: Average Salary: $46,580, Employees: 25,729 Category: Average Salary: $23,227, Employees: 25,050 Category: Average Salary: $65,258, Employees: 24,938 Category: Average Salary: $51,858, Employees: 22,613 Category: Average Salary: $66,012, Employees: 21,369 Category: Average Salary: $18,389, Employees: 21,001 Category: Average Salary: $48,678, Employees: 18,423 Category: Average Salary: $28,367, Employees: 16,539 Category: Average Salary: $34,718, Employees: 15,893 Category: Average Salary: $31,244, Employees: 15,560 Category: Average Salary: $43,099, Employees: 15,432 Category: Average Salary: $32,002, Employees: 13,911 Category: Average Salary: $52,131, Employees: 13,242 Category: Average Salary: $66,510, Employees: 12,047 Category: Average Salary: $66,426, Employees: 10,937 Category: Average Salary: $61,081, Employees: 10,459 Category: Average Salary: $59,737, Employees: 10,249 Category: Average Salary: $58,031, Employees: 10,080 Category: Average Salary: $50,687, Employees: 8,698 Category: Average Salary: $74,766, Employees: 7,416 Category: Average Salary: $37,158, Employees: 7,170 Category: Average Salary: $45,166, Employees: 6,472 Category: Average Salary: $38,191, Employees: 6,134 Category: Average Salary: $43,878, Employees: 5,843 Category: Average Salary: $52,278, Employees: 5,461 Category: Average Salary: $56,601, Employees: 4,816 Category: Average Salary: $33,489, Employees: 4,151 Category: Average Salary: $77,166, Employees: 4,125 Category: Average Salary: $62,735, Employees: 2,879 Category: Average Salary: $43,358, Employees: 2,702 Category: Average Salary: $42,238, Employees: 1,985 Category: Average Salary: $57,440, 2023 OpenGovPay | Privacy , Certain professions have different possible career progressions with the City. Only government entities in the U.S. can end in .gov, It looks like your device language is set to, Diversity, inclusion, accessibility & immigration. 2021 Avg. It has a total enrollment of 28,038 including undergraduate and graduate schools and the students to faculty ratio is 6 to 1. Homicides 1988-2017; . This data does not include charter schools. Today, were taking that accountability a step further by releasing this data set.. The Teacher Attendance files contain three metrics: Average Daily Attendance (ADA), 90% or more attendance(90%+), and 95% or more attendance (95%+). Employee Salaries. Texas The number in parentheses shows the percentage change in the current year's salary compared to the previous year. The top three departments with most employees are PPD Police (25%), PFD Fire (8.9%), and FJD 1st Judicial District PA (7.9%), followed by PWD Water, STS Streets, and PPR Parks and Recreation. The salary information garnered from these states were a combination of existing online resources and state Freedom of Information Act requests sent out to the governments. 311 provides direct access to City government information, services, and real-time service updates. The public release of this data supports our goals to promote greater transparency and community engagement. City Releases Open Data on Employee Salaries For immediate release: April 05, 2016 Published by: Office of the Mayor Contact: Mike Dunn (215) 686-6210 PHILADELPHIA- Mayor Kenney's commitment to making the data of city government open and easily accessible to all citizens reached a new milestone today with the release of . City of Philadelphia pays $44,399 per year on average compared to US National Archives which pays $31,572. Federal courts | When the City updated its payroll system in 2019 to the OnePhilly . City of Philadelphia may also be known as or be related to City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Housing Authority and The Philadelphia Housing Authority. Civil service positions require a competitive exam. We are committed to developing careers that make a difference in the lives of others. Employees may be reimbursed for expenses through the payroll system, and for overtime and supplemental earnings. dwight's perfect crime explained,

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