I'd love it. You never hear dead air on an AM rock station, and in those seven seconds everybody reacted. winds, knowing you were the best brother, producer and leader you couldve been for our team (even with Beckham!). Detailed contact information including email, phone number, social profiles, tweets and news articles written by Mike Cooper. . A new CHFI morning show will be announced shortly. Its not the reason Im leaving, but it just was a huge wake-up call for us, that every time you think that youre going to live forever, you get humbled by life itself. #CHFI I hope he has a great time. The highlight was first getting into radio at a radio station in North Bay called CKAT FM back in 1970. By the mid-1980s, the audience for CHFI and other beautiful music stations was beginning to age, while advertisers usually seek younger listeners. If you subscribe to the CHFI newsletter, youll probably have seen a tribute to Ian from his daughter Ava. It was good to have him back on Toronto airwaves. Kristen Martell ECMA 2023 Nominees ZOOMIES, Laurie LeBlanc -ECMA 2023 Nominees (Interview), Derina Harvey Band in Fergus, ON IN PHOTOS, 604 Spotlight Sessions in Vancouver, BC IN PHOTOS, Kellie Loder & Tiny Horse in Kingston, ON IN PHOTOS, The Jailbirds & One In The Chamber in Toronto, ON IN PHOTOS, Sofiane Pamart in Montreal, QC IN PHOTOS. Hmmm. This would be where I first crossed paths with Mike. The second highlight was [working at] CFTR, a struggling radio station with great management and great talent. [Meister Eckhart] As always, you can watch a video version of this journal on my Facebook page, or here on YouTube (if there's an ad there, thank Motown!). to have it resent. The studios are in the Rogers Building on the northwest corner of Bloor and Jarvis Streets in Downtown Toronto. If you missed it, most memorable good-byes and Ill never be able to. Welcome back Coop! Christine Cardoso is best known for her 10 year run alongside Mike Cooper as the co-host ofMike and Christine in the Morning at 97.3 EZ Rock FM in Toronto. Can you tell the story about setting the Guinness World Record for riding a ferris wheel? In addition . So how is that a worst moment if its part of your legend? The Backstreet Boys certainly deserve their place on a retro show, and eventually the "newer oldies" will replace the "older oldies".My point is that the show has a heritage as an "oldies" program (as in "older oldies"), dating back to the Don Daynard days, and I also think Mike Cooper's audience tends to skew on the older side. Or please feel free to contact customer service. The program, hosted by Don Parrish, mixed soothing instrumentals, soft vocals and occasional light classical pieces in "pop" arrangements. Listen to Pooja & Gurdeep all week at 6AM and play 'Is This You?' for a chance to # WIN a pair of tickets to see Alanis Morissette on June 10th! Share to More [PHOTO: 98.1 CHFI] Our hearts are broken Mike Cooper's wife, Deborah, has passed away at the age of 66. Dont judge.) As always, you can watch a video version of this journal on my Facebook page, or here on YouTube (if theres an ad there, thank Motown!). For Toronto's all-news radio station that began as CHFI, see, http://assets.numeris.ca/Downloads/2016-17_07_Radio_ME_TorontoToplineRadio.pdf, Pop goes the station as CHFI pulls plug on Beautiful Music, Morning man heads for the sunset; Don Daynard leaving popular CHFI radio show, 'Dandy' Don Daynard rides off into sunrise; CHFI's popular morning host retires after 47 years in the radio business, "Erin Davis Departs as Mad Dog & Billie Join CHFI", Mad Dog and Billie change dials: Morning radio hosts join CHFI; chance to reach more listeners, Message from PD Julie Adam regarding morning show change. He had a special feature, The 5:10 Stoopid Joke of the Day, which over time, lead to a published book of compiled submissions over the years. Out. Mike Cooper's wife, Deborah, has passed away at the age of 66. Mike Cooper will be filling in for Darren B Lamb while he's away. In June 2003, CHFI, competing closely with rival adult contemporary station CJEZ, revamped their morning show to attract younger listeners. I will probably still get up early, maybe a little later maybe 5 a.m., maybe 5:30 a.m. We want to see the world a little bit. The station first signed on the air on February 1, 1957. I was at the CNE on August 25 that year, to see my beloved Osmonds at the Grandstand. Ian is sailing off into a new life of reWirement. Well, local police, who were also listeners to the show, heard all this ruckus in progress and bee-lined it down to the radio station, with back up, thinking it was for real. We had so many years of happiness, and then five years of this awful cancer, her husband, also a former CHFI radio host, told yorkregion.com. Also, this weekend Ian takes off for three weeks in his native PEI and so, from one ocean to another, I send this love letter on the airwaves and the ocean waves to my friend. We put this AM station back together again and took it to number one for about 10 years, which was unheard of. My wife had a health scare she had, and has, colon cancer. Maureen Holloway announced this morning that today was her last day hosting 98.1 CHFI's morning show. I have literally, literally heard from thousands of people who were so touched by Debbies fight and their motivation for each other, Davis, who interacts with people on a daily basis through her blog, said. It seemed the whole city was behind him! For one thing, I wont have to find out if I can walk in heels. Please retry or create an account if you have not yet done so. The sergeant who came in said I dont know what we can do about this, but I just want to make sure you never ever work again.. On Apr. He's been replaced by Toronto radio veteran Mike Cooper. working alongside Mike Cooper. Whatever youre doing, may the bunny be good to you, may your heart be full and may you make some memories of your own. There are 3500+ professionals named "Mike Cooper", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. While writing the article, I tried to find my copy. Maureen, if you're reading this, there is life after CHFI. Then the insanity of the past few yearsand lovely Mo and Mike, of course,which brings us to today. It was a year later that CHFI management decided Don would flourish with a co-host at the older-skewing also-ran station. I dont have a car or a washer and dryer. View the profiles of professionals named "Mike Cooper" on LinkedIn. You're fired, would you like to come back? Honouring Deb with the Hope Award was just a further testament to her strength, and especially to her courage., Bell also praised the very public way in which she and Mike confronted her cancer diagnosis.. . Though I can appreciate all genres of music, my particular favourite is Country. Like. [1], CHFI-FM has an effective radiated power (ERP) of 44,000 watts. Just a thought And suddenly you know: Its time to start something new & trust the magic of beginnings. The power on-air couple brought CHFI back to the top of the Toronto ratings charts and have had an incredible ten year run at the station. Mike Coopers time at CHUM ended rather abruptly following, what is now, one of the best April Fools pranks in radio history. It was themed and it was encouraged for people to dress up in their favourite era costumes. No one will fill those big shoes, or strangely little chair. Would you like to login or register? Erin Davis announces retirement after nearly 30 years as CHFI host, Maureen Holloway Kick-Starts Toronto Mornings on "Darren & Mo" on 98.1 CHFI Beginning January 9, "Today was Mo's last show on CHFI. I was searching among the clippings and magazines, pictures preceding my time at CHFI, which began in 1988. I always have enjoyed Coop's Classics whenever I have listened, and tonight absolutely will be tuning in. They have created a beautiful family and wonderful life together. Explore Mike Cooper's discography including top tracks, albums, and reviews. Sail on, my friend. I want to share with you a story or two about a guy a pillar at CHFI whos leaving the only job he ever had, today. Cooper started playing guitar shortly after leaving school in 1958. I hate stupid management, and Ive had some very stupid program directors. Itll be virtual and Ill be recording an acceptance, which is a bummer, but of course Im still grateful. He's filling in during Darren's absence and just doing a fantastic job, having a great . Well that was the final Coop's Classics on CHFI last night. So whos taking over the classics show? Thats been a huge part of the past 10 years. Please try again, or contact customer service at marketing@halldata.com. What will you miss most about morning radio? Listening to New Orleans and Dixieland jazz at local jazz clubs and becoming Involved in local skiffle groups are the first musical activities. But where are the other 50? I always look to the future and rarely live in the past. In 1961 Cooper saw live blues musicians for the first time. When Christine went on Maternity Leave, in came Erin Davis. Those three will have to do. Learn all about Mike Cooper on AllMusic. I'm trying to imagine a life without her and in these early days of our family's loss, that's just not possible. Don had been there for a year, having been lured over from 99.9 CKFM. Sometimes 7 a.m. isnt funny when youre by yourself, but when youre with your friends and youre trying to construct a show, there is still time for laughter. But theres one thing they cant teach you in college, and that is true personality. The transmitter is atop the CN Tower.[2]. As the show progressed, the "malt shop oldies" got replaced with late 60s psychedelia and early-to-mid 70s pop, so it's all a natural progression.Mostly, I was just stating my own personal preference, as CHFI is not my first choice on the dial, although I think they do a pretty good job of mixing current music along with stuff from decades past. This led to the elimination of the specialty programs coupled with more vocals in the playlist. What made Coopers story so awe-inspiring wasnt only her ardent desire to live but the way she expressed altruism to other cancer patients and how she and her husband shared their private plight and pain with the public. Her son and his sister now use that chair in our home in BC. This news from Rogers-owned CHFI comes mere days after a complete overhaul of The Fan 590 lineup, including the dismissal of Scott MacArthur, Richard Deitsch, Rob Wong, Josh Goldberg, Andrew Nie and Jason Rozen. chfi.com . For one [in radio], you have to read a great deal and you cant be shy, but radio was a great way to hide in front of people. I mean, how to sum up 30 years of closeness a lifetime in many ways and a friendship that grew into more like a brother and sister than I think either of us ever knew possible. Guess we will see in the new year what the station will do during the Saturday evening slot.Always remember when Mike had the big goodbye when he left mornings on CHFI in January 2016. via GIPHY. Mike Cooper got his start in North Bay and signed off as co . In the 1970s, Todd Russell began hosting a late evening program called Reminiscing featuring modern recordings of popular songs from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Scroll down under Classic Audio till you find the heading Mike Cooper at the CNE 1975. The Fan 590 is also a Rogers-owned radio station. Copyright 2021 Real Family Productions Inc. But of all those 45 years, the true highlight of my entire career was the 10 years Ive spent with Erin Davis on 98.1 CHFI. Mike found himself on radio, at CKGM, in Montreal for awhile before finding his way back to Toronto at 680 CFTR AM (Now 680 News). A veteran radio personality of 45 years and a leader in Toronto broadcasting, Mike gathers with his co-workers, friends and family at the Mill Street . He was the creator of the 5:10 "Stupid joke of the day" during his time at 680 CFTR. You see, I began with CHFI in 1988. Our boss Bob Wood had a DJ meeting and said I can guarantee you a washer and a dryer and a car. My hand shot up. PJ, Toronto Mike's episode 1004 with Mike Cooper. a brisket, or an entire leg of beef, or heck who knows? In the middle of a live commercial, listeners heard the sound of a door opening, an argument, then several gun shots. The longtime CHFI morning man recounts his 45-year broadcast career. My hand was waving above everybody else, and thats when I thought What have I done?. I struggled the best I could. That counts for way too many decades than I want to admit to! Finally, during a commercial, as Mike was wrapping up the advertising dialogue, a guy walks into the studio, an argument and struggle occurs and ends with gun shots, screams and dead air. CHFI is often the most listened-to commercial radio station in Greater Toronto, according to the Numeris ratings. Who knows, but they were in charge of my life and my mortgage for the longest time. Canadian Country is moving in leaps and bounds. For the better part of August, the station would have regular check-ins to see how Mike was doing. Chris Powell Copyright 2022 Canadian Beats Media. Now get out there and rock your reWirement. permissions/licensing, please go to: www.TorontoStarReprints.com, Longtime local radio personality Mike Cooper is hanging up his earphones as co-host of 98.1 CHFIs Erin and Mike in the Morning show., I dont take back a single joke, a single word, a single laugh or a single smile, Cooper said in an emotional statement on Friday morning. Then in the new year it never came back, replaced by more of "Toronto's Perfect Music Mix". Mike was on air and at several breaks, mentioned about getting calls from a guy making threats to him. Anybody whos been mean to me, Ive always got mean right back to them, so they knew where I stood. These days there are a lot of visuals, more than ever before. Check out this phenomenal toplist for casinos. Retweeted. Once they started playing the likes of the Backstreet Boys on the show is around the time they lost me.PJ. Hey, if you listen to Toronto radio and woke up thinking you were dreaming when you heard Mike Cooper back on the morning show on CHFI, you know by now, since he's been doing it for a week, that yes, my favourite radio guy is back in the saddle again. Deborah Cooper, whose battle against cancer inspired thousands, dies at 66, Even in chemo herself, Deborah Cooper found strength and courage to console other cancer patients, Deborah Cooper honoured at CIBC Celebration of Hope, LIVE NOW: Its May 1 and our top story is 'Everybody's happy place': Newmarket Farmers' Market kicked off revitalization of downtown Main Street, 'Here for everyone': Georgina Public Library joins fine-free movement. Julie Adam General Manager/Program Director 98.1 CHFI bkwon: The cat is out of the bag. Coopers success in broadcasting is the result of his deep-rooted commitment to radio and entertainment. Back in the day, all you had to do was be on the radio and just let people use their imagination. presentation-ready copies of Toronto Star content for distribution Owned and operated by Rogers Sports & Media, it broadcasts an adult contemporary format, switching to Christmas music for part of November and December. Reply. Cooper will continue to host Coops Classics Saturday evenings on 98.1 CHFI. I'm going to guess they nuke it.probably only kept it going recently as a convenient way to keep Cooper on the station in some form. While Cooper was fired for the bit, he was allowed to work his way back on air with fill-in jobs for other announcers. Cause youre The General. (In 1984, Compeau would become program director of classical station CFMX-FM and use this same format for its overnight program.) It was always good to see and chat with all the stations on-air personalities and staff. I think Ive got that, Im going to die with it, but everything else I wasnt doing so well in.. Mo will always be part of the CHFI family, and we're grateful for the. August 6, 2021 Erin's Journals. I hope you hear or heard the show on 98.1 CHFI this morning. Im not a big fan of following the rules, but I am a company man. I broke a few rules along the way. All the people that hugged me when we got to Mexico with our listeners, each one thanked me for their own personal memory: thanks for getting me up in the morning, thanks for making me smile, thank you for the information you gave us, but mostly thank you for the laughs. Talk about a natural. Please provide both your email address and password. Was there a moment or a personality that steered you towards your career? In June 2005, CHFI management fired Jay and Billie, rehired Davis for mornings (who returned on September 6), and also hired Mike Cooper as her co-host on October 26 after his contract with CJEZ expired. While the latest CHFI talk is about the Christmas flip on Monday, my mind turns to what I think is an even bigger deal. I got sued for assault and battery because I hit [his would-be assailant] with a crescent wrench. With help from his co-host Davis, who conducted an interview using our questions (and some of her own) we found out why hes leaving now, his future plans and all the details about that 1976 April Fools Day prank on CHUM that went horribly awry. For this writer, it filled me with many good memories. If you subscribe to the CHFI newsletter, youll probably have seen a tribute to Ian from his daughter Ava. From perfect harmonies to sharing all of those mornings the rawest, guffaw-est time of day together before most of our world was even awake. A veteran radio personality of 45 years and a leader in Toronto broadcasting, Mike gathers with his co-workers, friends and family at the Mill Street Beer Hall and Brew Pub in the Historic Distillery District.\rdaytime Toronto takes you on a behind the scenes tour of the event and we get to speak with one of the finest radio hosts in the business. From riding his way to a Guinness World Record at the CNE, to being an essential figure in positioning Erin and Mike in the Morning as one of Torontos most beloved morning radio shows, Cooper has used his creativity and experience to connect with local audiences. Somehow, Mike got himself on board to set a Guinness World Record for the longest stay on a Ferris Wheel. Rumour has it that Erin's new CHFI radio partner will be none other than Mike Cooper whom she co-hosted the morning show at EZ Rock during her gig there. CHFI-FM (98.1 Toronto) Entertainment. Share to Twitter. A real shame because that was a fantastic show, especially with Tish. Those laughs mean a lot, and I think they stop the aging process. Having the Rogers machine behind us, advertising us and letting people know where we were and putting our faces out there and the brand. You are not logged in. Mike isnt one to look back or to dwell on the past and Ive taken a page from him in terms of my career. Thank you, Mike, for 45 amazing and unforgettable years in radio! applied economics and management cornell,

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