Scope of Work

Today, Al-Fikrah United has grown into a comprehensive development firm; complete with a project management unit, in-house civil engineering department, quality control specialists, and it’s own contracting company, “Rock and Steel” Contracting. The further development of an experienced maintenance unit, as well as a highly successful marketing team and in-house interior design division, has cemented Al-Fikrah United an industry leader.
Our services include a supervisory committee that monitors every stage of the development, from selecting highly coveted properties, to collaborating with international architectural firms in order to provide its consumers a skilled combination of western technical expertise and local design nuances. Our standards of luxury the living is always preserved.
We Build Your Dreams

Work Stages

Stage 1

1. Feasibility Studies:

We analyze all facets necessary for the successful completion of any real estate development, such as legal, economic, technological, and other factors.

Stage 2

2. Scouting and Negotiation of
Development Sites:

We are known for our selective and premium real estate locations on all of our projects.

Stage 3

3. Designer Acquisition and Creative Consulting:

We work with both regional and international engineers and designers.

Stage 4

4. Project Management and Supervision:

Years of experience in project management have culminated in a seamless system that ensures precision in execution.

Stage 5

5. Interior Design:

The interior design department of Al-Fikrah United considers consumer feedback prior to tackling any project, providing the inclusion of cultural sensitives and a modern design aesthetic.

Stage 6

6. Marketing and Sales:

We don’t just build our developments, we make sure they are strategically positioned and find their way to the perfect resident.

Stage 7

7. Maintenance Supervision and After Sales
Customer Service:

The ability of our marketing department to communicate the vision of Al-Fikrah United is paramount to our success. Over the years, we’ve expanded to include maintenance and after sales
customer care department, allowing us to continue our
relationships and ensure that our standards of luxury living are always preserved.


The company studies real estate development opportunities where it conducts internal studies that determines all aspects from need to economic feasibility and financial returns.

The company does all analysis of the sight and location to ensure availability of services and to determine the value of the land. The company at this stage also evaluate the proper designs and the best value that match and satisfy the targeted audience need.


At this stage the company assembles work teams from mangers and engineers to work on and finalize the architecture and internal designs.

The teams prepare all documentations and licenses required to assign the contractor and supervise the work till handover as per designs and quality planned.

Having the two sister companies working with us (Rock and Steel Contracting, By Design House) make our working process very efficient.


Having a sales and customer service team is important throughout the process as this team plays a great role in highlighting customers’ needs and price ranges by applying their experience built up form customers encounters.

While the project is underway the sales team prepares the project brochure that outlines all project details and specification. After the project is handed over to sales department, this team starts implementing its marketing plan till sales of total project. In addition to that the department handles all customer care calls and maintenance requirements.