<3. masterlist + rules to request! "5,6,7,"he trailed off as his eyes scanned. Mon, it tickles! He pulls away, a satisfied yet cheeky grin on his face. She sees a help wanted sign for a cleaner and mechanic. I got no idea where this is going this is just being typed out as I think of it. Especially not the horrors of what lies underneath the cabin but most things that know of the terror dont live to remember it. When having trouble keeping security guards that will stay employed, the managers at Freddy Fazbears Mega Pizza Plex decide to take a verydifferent route in order to enforce some new and improved security. After all, it's not like anyone will care. HII! (I DO NOT OWN THE YT CHANNEL!!) You are the most handsome, gentle and loving gator that I know. You replied. William Afton, "alive" again thanks to the digital vessel Glitchtrap, plans to seal his murderous legacy with Vanny's help, whether she likes it or not. Someone that needed to protect him from the dangers of the outside world. Also monty is submissive and breedable af sp do with that what u will. reader has long hair (shoulder length or longer) for this piece.adult, gender-neutral readertotal words: 2456*(Y/N) - Your NameThey/He pronouns used for Sun/Moon! Everyone is still just as happy to have you around, but something seems off about Monty. You had made a vow, and kept to it for months. Instead, he blamed himself and his design for being seen as 'last choice when compared to his friends. :). Reader is a virgin. tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply", Due to the incredible support of the community, we've raised US$252,343.98 with an average donation of $32.14, and added 6450 new members this drive. This is a personal story. They also find a hot gator, and he finds them to be more than a little entertaining. Sun and Moon are obsessed with her. roxanne, fnaffanfic, bonnie. my other FNAF fanfics + rules to request! my heart cannot handle soft monty but he is so fun to write. What should have been a fun day turned into a haunting memory for those who were there on the day of the first disappearance. I am incredibly lazy so this book will probably not get far. Eventually, they land a job at the famous Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex. You led him back to the couch, settling his head on your lap as you continued to play with his hair. if only, you could bring your lovers back. Why was he jealous? Nonetheless, you absolutely need to see it for yourself. And he's not gonna let anyone else make fun of you for it, either! MALFUNCTION. He did it because of love. The infatuated bear will do just about anything to keep you. BlondieBakuSimp. Monty did not have a clear picture as to why either. If I thought you were unattractive or egotistical, I would not be here with you. You raised an eyebrow, Whats so funny?. He pulled up his star-shaped sunglasses, settling them on his forehead. She is the best of the best, after all. He's notorious for being aggressive and mean. Bloody is the half voiced by Davis, and Harvest is the one voiced by Reed. Hearing your laugh alleviated his mood, it made him settle down. I dont deserve you. He whispers. He puts his weight on you this time, guiding you to lay on the couch while he hovers over you. He finally kisses you on the lips, a sweet and gentle symbolism of his love. do not skip content and trigger warnings, You find yourself cornered by the one and only, Monty Gator. She sprinted silently with the light pating of her shoes on the carpet and hid behind the knocked over arcade machine. Of course, he does. Monty often finds himself getting agitated as the concerts progress, especially after noticing that most of the audience was only present for the Pizzaplexs golden boy, Freddy Fazbear. (We also accept donations year-round, so you are able to donate whenever is convenient for you.). they never want to lose you, not again. THe first many chapter embarrassed me a little. To The point of obsessive love. thank you so much, this has been such a fun thing to write about. So why did you feel so uncomfortable in it? TW: none. She had gotten her degree in robotics and engineering. Monty did appreciate the attention when he got any, but it was not enough for him. Info: Y/N your name L/N last name. It made him even more pretty in the gator's eyes. I love you, (Y/N). Monty knew he was the least popular amongst the entire band. He promises. As long as it comes to you, I will happily give you all my time and attention. Causing a distinct lack of work that Fazbear Entertainment was not the most happy about. Jeremy experienced one heck of a night as the new security guard for Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex. (On Hold) Sanctuary of Nightmares (Platonic Confusion was a good word to describe your life. You are a very admired, and well-known programmer at Fazbear Entertainment. You could feel it in the way that his arms around your waist felt a little tighter, a little more heavier than usual. I basically just came up with a bunch of mostly mundane, semi-random scenarios and filled them out with how the cast of The Sun and Moon Show would answer/act in them! (PLEASE READ NOTE ON MASTERLIST BEFORE REQUESTING), please like and reblog if you enjoyed reading this! tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, Due to the incredible support of the community, we've raised US$252,343.98 with an average donation of $32.14, and added 6450 new members this drive. That and if you meet a certain time period The company will even pay for your tuition. what the title says It was not what he saw his friends experience; The sight of excited guests wanting to spend time with him, not because the gator appeared like he would encourage any mischievous behavior in the Pizzaplex. You gasped, how could he even think of asking you that? TW: slight angst, brief mentions of death (ends in fluff! ), HI SO THAT WAS A 2 YEAR OLD DESCRIPTION OF A STORY IM EDITING TO CHANGE HERES THE NEW ONE AND IMPROVED ONE, His name was Elias and he just moved into a new town he was down on luck he had been rejected in multiple jobs and was on the verge of being behind on his new apartment, Why did he move you ask well thatll come up trust me when I say his past was not so bright . However, with many checks, he finds himself to be in top condition and fails to understand these feelings were anything but glitches in the system. This means moving into the pizzaplex full time and leaving you old life behind. | Ness and Vanny | Reluctant Follower | Beta-Tester are Not the Same Person, Maddie Drachenfire and the Darksteel dragon are the same person, Officer Maddie's last name is Drachenfire just to clarify, Terrance Trevor and Clarence Trevor are Biological Twins, Sebastion Jones was provided by Wolfgirl19, Stoney looks like the minions from clash of clans, Mikacroak Yelinak might be the same age as Gregory, Reptilo Briggins works as technician under Dr Hazard, Bluestar helps around Dr Hazard's lab when he's not out on mercenary work, Vaniki and Zlandicar are playing the roles of the villains from home alone, Venril Sather is the main antagonist from ruins of kunark, Alpha is a grey wolf and bald eagle hybrid, Aqua is a Van K Mark from monster legends, Guido Luigis name is a reference to two characters in the movie cars, Glamrock Freddy (Five Nights at Freddy's)/Reader, Animatronic Sex (Five Nights at Freddy's), Tired Glamrock Freddy (Five Nights at Freddy's), Dominant Glamrock Freddy (Five Nights At Freddy's), others are in there but it's mostly you and Freddy, Montgomery Gator/Glamrock Bonnie (Five Nights at Freddy's), Glamrock Mr. Hippo (Five Nights at Freddy's), Pre-Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach, Montgomery Gator Did Not Decommission Glamrock Bonnie (Five Nights at Freddy's), Worried Glamrock Freddy (Five Nights at Freddy's), Protective Glamrock Freddy (Five Nights at Freddy's), Sentient Animatronics (Five Nights at Freddy's), Good Animatronics (Five Nights at Freddy's), Glamrock Freddy Acting as Gregory's Parental Figure (Five Nights at Freddy's), Roxanne Wolf/Original Night Guard Character(s) (Five Nights at Freddy's), Vanessa A. He hates Y/N, in his own, sunrisey way. X-Out. But one day while walking home he sees a flyer but doesnt initially care until he gets home and the rest, well lets just say his first night on the job will be interesting. Thank you so much! (BUT NO FIRE>:P). He purred just like a housecat would, the sounds and vibrations being soothing to whoever had the chance to hear it. thank you for understanding xx). ^^. But regardless, you werent the most necessary worker. They never went to college, but they needed to find a job that would allow them to bring their little brother along with them. - it is your first time celebrating valentines day with your animatronic lover! Bloodmoon will sometimes be either one or two entities. TW: none, just Monty talking about his feelings and fluff!adult, gender-neutral reader- 1836 words*(Y/N) - Your Name. At least the pay was good.But the Pizzaplex isnt your regular customer service job. Time.Little did you know, your friends are still alive. Confused and scared you're tempted to run but, you need the money desperately or things at home will just get worse for you. Share. But if he were to leave, more children would go missing. You held him closer and pecked his neck. Dominant Montgomery Gator (Five Nights At Freddy's) Submissive Reader. thank you :^). A new security guard is hired to join Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaplex, but not as a day guard. At least they're safe in the daycare, right? You clicked your tongue, flicking at his forehead. Of course not! You exclaimed. s/o who's hands are always cold but their(the s/o) love language is physical touch? Those that did like him, often consisted of rambunctious yet bratty children, and the occasional group of mischievous pre-teens. He glares at you and narrowed his eyes. Congrats! Vanna held still, Shaking a little. Montgomery Gator (Five Nights at Freddy's)/Reader; Character: Montgomery Gator (Five Nights at Freddy's) Additional Tags: Tentacles; Anthropomorphic; this is my first time uploading to ao3 and im scared lmao help; Robot Sex; mlm; u got them hots for the gator; fnaf - Freeform; Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach; male reader - Freeform "ERROR 403 (FORBIDDEN): ACCESS DENIED. ! . Vanna listened quietly, the wet drips of water splatter on the floor. Child Negligence and Implied Murder You are a security guard along side Vanessa, the animatronics do tend to be quirky at night, and one in particular likes to escape their green room to join you.

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