Herman, I love this game and am just so frustrated that I cant get a consistent swing. One quick question. It's simple and very informative. That sucks. Its about finding what works for your body type. Try to make what amounts to a forward press with your hips and knees in the setup. I am 6", 36 wrist to floor and 225 lb. Mizuno MP18 3-Pw/ PX 6.0 Problem for me is getting arms moving before the right shoulder which then causes my left bicep hits my pec very quickly and everything stops. I finally understand how to turn so the head stays centered and the shoulders are not too flat and I don't have to lift the arms. You may like to check the word fanny 2) As you said, simply learn to rotate forearms faster/sooner this is usually the #1 problem. I especially some of the work with the roller. LaterOn61, November 21, 2013 in Instruction & Academy. The Tower is tilted 10 degrees (thats 17 feet off center at the top) and has been essentially unusable for most of its existence. ENTER NOW! Regarding setup, your tip that the left arm needs to be on top of the pec makes so much sense. I have to focus more on being able to breathe at the top I feel the left lat stretching so hard lol When I watch the professionals most dont seem to have such a position, in fact they look a little slouched and bent over in the upper thoracic/neck area (Phil, Ernie Els). Hi Herman, I tried your suggestion on putting the ball in front no matter what kind of iron I am grabbing. EDIT: PS I'm interested in comments as well since my league partner is kind of similar: he has a very "built" upper body (although a little taller) and has a lot of trouble with how tight his bicep/pec connection is in setup and swing. My basic iron setup tries to align the shaft with the belt buckle picturing the shaft like a T-square with the leading edge of face perfectly square. I like Smocks swing too. Also a few good techniques to help square the face. Basically we create the setup while standing a few inches too far away from the ball, then slide the clubhead up behind the ball as the feet take a small step forward. When shots get ugly, I stand way far from the ballfeel like Moe Norman and probably look as silly. A stronger grip tends to push the hands farther forward as its the only position that feels comfortable. Consequently, I only have about 1/2 of a backswing. [/quote] Good luck. So my feet and shoulders do not match. Oh wait thats not correct. The Mrs. Was right, but we are all golfers here, so that's what we do, no need for 2nd post. All shafts are S2S Stepless Steel Wishon, At 285 and wearing a 54 long jacket, I struggle with a one plane move. Anyway, short, stocky, old guy here. : So if you want to fight through to a more conventional swing, your first goal has to be a solid grip and a solid release action. Your setup helped a lot and I got to identify, using your T, that the leading edge of my club was actually 5 deg+ open all the time. Herman. If you are hitting it straight and getting a divot past the ball, keep going like you are. Excess knee flex will ruin your motion. Boy, that really seems to free me up, am I headed for a wreck? Im a width guy (strong guy with a developed chest and strong lats and deltoid although i dont go to the gym. I've been playing golf about 15 years and have been as low as an 8 handicap, but currently rest at 13. Isnt low point therefore beneath left arm socket? Promise. The clubhead has so far to travel (up to 16 feet from top of arc to impact) it is too easy for hips to outrun the clubhead and leave it open like a baseball batter late on a pitch. MEMBER REVIEWS: Cleveland Frontline Elite Putters! Hands should be about a fist-width to a fist-and-a-half away from legs. You can certainly overdo it and end up with a spine line that is too straight and unnatural. Over time, not playing nearly as much as my kids grew up, I lost the muscle memory for my natural stance. Remember to hit that LIKE button if you enjoyed it :) NEW VIDEO EVERY DAY ON MY CHANNEL-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------My Links:Facebook http://bit.ly/PFGolfFacebookTwitter http://bit.ly/PFGolfTwitterInstagram https://instagram.com/peterfinch/ Web http://bit.ly/PFGolfPro----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Download the Pin Seekerz app here!iPhone: http://bit.ly/1BIhrnH Android: http://bit.ly/1BIhrnH I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. As you reach the top of your backswing the chest should be facing pretty much straight away from your target. Pete, you are right on track. who have a similar problem - maybe even somebody who has a video I could watch. It got to the point that I couldnt even find a comfortable or reliable position at address. Let the club fall half way down from bending at the hips, then let the wrists uncock enough to finish lowering the club to the ground. Your previous content has been restored. Usually I work out all winter and barely touch the weights during the golf season, so things get slightly better as the summer goes on (I can probably swing back to about the 10:00 position). Here's how I recommend you getting the feel of this all-important connection: Put a credit card or golf glove under the left arm at set up. Peter joined Alex Perry on the NCG Podcast to discuss his playing days and its a fascinating insight into playing in the golden age of the European Tour. Gerry James, another long drive guy, was Mr. California. Otherwise, I setup open and hit pull hooks or if I compensate with open stance a push/slice . Im having a hard time figuring out just one thing, if I were to stand straight up and point my club straight out from my belt buckle its 90 degrees, if I bend over with the exact position until the club hits the ground then it obviously isnt in the correct position because I would still be at 90 degrees. Look on the bright side: at least you'll never have arm overrun. The left arm technique is huge. I pretty much have the same width thru the bag and then get just slightly wider for driver. MEMBER REVIEWS: Cleveland Frontline Elite Putters! I was glad to see him win. You cannot paste images directly. Only you can judge if its worth that. Basically, it's a three-step process, Hogan says. I'm a short stocky guy , I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Because of this new position over the chest I fell my irons should be flatter in order not to bend too much. Ill try on the course your recomendation to set the feet slightly wider the the hips. I know youre very busy so when you get a chance to answer itll be highly appreciated. Only when I move ball out the 2inches or so. Thanks. I do have a touch strong but not real strong took a look in the mirror it appeared too strong because of the left arm hanging or relaxed too much. Your email address will not be published. That sucks. First off, the elbow joint cant bend targetward in this position so it helps prevent chicken winging and it slightly preloads the left forearm for a strong release. Mike Dunaway played football at Arkansas, I believe, and was rather stocky. Good questions, best of luck on your game. [*][size=4][color=#008000][b]Ping G410 3 wood, Mitsubishi Diamana BF[/b][/color][/size] Sign up here for our newsletter and you'll never slice a drive again. Perhaps because Im left-handed, but swing right-handed, I set the club behind the ball with the left hand only and then place my right hand on the club. The whole coil and feel the stretch in the left lat thing don't really register on me. XXIO X Series 5 Wood! Watch the 2nd video starting at the 2:00 mark, no forcibly twisting of the lower spine. Duly noted Ill try to get some specifics soon on driving. Slight wrist cock is normal at address. Your email address will not be published. If you have the time, I would appreciate your thoughts on these two setup positions with the left arm and what each one promotes. The thing I noticed about this setup was the left elbow pointed down towards my left hip as opposed to my more traditional setup where the left elbow points out between the left hip and target. GolfWRX_Spotted posted a topic in Tour and Pre-Release Equipment, April 24, GolfWRX_Spotted posted a topic in Tour and Pre-Release Equipment, April 17, GolfWRX_Spotted posted a topic in Tour and Pre-Release Equipment, April 10, GolfWRX_Spotted posted a topic in Tour and Pre-Release Equipment, March 27, GolfWRX_Spotted posted a topic in Tour and Pre-Release Equipment, March 20, Please put and questions or comments here, Please put any questions or comments here. If you have any suggestions to help my setup, particularly the hip issue, Id appreciate it. Just grabbing a club in my living room and getting my left arm out in front of my chest made a huge difference. Hey Grant, Thanks for following my work. Thanks! I hated lifting weights though, but it was a necessary evil back then. Ive been battling this for years trying to figure out what is the correct position from how I have my wrists either pointing down or or cocked too much please help:). Oh great, now Im even more confused. If thats correct then having the handle point at belt buckle usually works out to be a good shaft/wrist angle. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. The path can cause the shank as the club tries to keep extending out away from the body near impact. Now I am 45lbs over weight, but plan to start working out after Thanksgiving lol. I thought about buying new clubs but decided to put the money into fitness and some lessons: I'm confident that it will have much better results (short and long term)! Assume your address position without a club or ball. Very strong grip. Swing Faster And Stop Coming Over The Top Watch on Kyle Morris, named by Golf Digest as one of "America's Best Young Instructors" shows why the use of ones chest too much in the swing can lead to coming over the top and a lack of speed. The book is packed with plenty of easy-to-read, simple tips aimed at older golfersthough that doesnt mean younger players cant learn from it! Secondly, with arm laying on top of chest, the arm does not need to roll out around the chest as we go back in backswing. Watching the Stadler video convinces me to go back to my natural, upright motion. [quote name='Hstead' timestamp='1385096954' post='8188390'] Much appreciated! I found your site last night via a you tube video and I am glad I did. I have lost significant distance, consistency and golf balls trying to get flatter and deeper. But it does simplify the golf swing to the bare essentials and the closer you can get to this action the better your swing and the results will be. Very interesting; my thoracic is trashed and not going to get better, and I've been considering this change myself. But a disadvantage is that you better have a short swing and not let your arms run off or you are in trouble. Thanks so much for your great instruction.John,former P.G.A, Thanks John. Thirdly when you arrive at top of backswing with the arm up on top of chest and elbow pointed down, you are in a stronger physical position to pull down with tricep and lat muscle. The target is going to be 225lb again. Herman. Fortunately, it's also the easiest to fix. But heres a question: say for a 9iron, the offset will leave the face of the club look closed (I am playing Mizuno JPX800 iron set), and its almost impossible to make it look square. Should l try to widen my back swing or do you feel l should play with what l have got? And I will be doing an online lesson as soon as I get a good video. A bit like throwing a ball, you can actually lob it with a minimal backswing because the power is all in the follow-through. : Hopefully when I post an update after my trip to Jacksonville in Feb I will be down about 30 lbs.

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