The M2A3/M3A3 will provide overwatching fires to support the dismounted infantry and suppress/defeat enemy tanks, reconnaissance vehicles, IFVs, armored personnel carriers, bunkers, and attack helicopters. Its four primary of the objective to the dismounts while mounted. The gunner also has periscopes for forward and side observation. integration still existed. Also, the manual safe switch will now travel approximately 30 percent beyond center when placed in the fire position to prevent the switch from jumping back to the safe mode when firing a weapon. ins.dataset.adChannel = cid; Syracuse Research Corporation is supplying CREW-2 electronic warfare systems for 1691 Bradley vehicles. This digital capability is to be compatible with all components of the combined arms team. smastrios. 3. checks and services of PM are performed upon completion of mission. 1 HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Washington, DC, 15 January 2002 OPERATOR'S MANUAL AIMING CIRCLE M2 W/E (1290-00-314-0008) AND M2A2 W/E (1290-01-067-0687) TM 9-1290-262-10, 15 April 1981, is changed as follows: 1. and fighting vehicles. The system was approved for full-rate production in May 2001. The full rate production milestone decision was scheduled for 1QFY00. A locked padlock One 25mm M242 cannon, one 7.62mm M240C coaxial machine gun, 2 TOW launchers and 2x4 smoke grenade launchers, Spaced laminate armor. CREW-2 is designed to jam remotely controlled IEDs to prevent the detonation of roadside bombs. Malfunctions are to be displayed on the commander's tactical display to alert the crew of potentially dangerous faults. The BC will also have the added advantage of a "target designator" enabling him to bring his gunner's line of sight or view of the battlefield online with his own at the push of a button. BFVS-A3 enhancements include. In October 2010, BAE Systems was awarded a $91m contract to replace the old and damaged systems of the 552 Bradley vehicles of the US Army. A subsequent LRIP decision is scheduled for FY99 for 78 systems. Sangaris opration militaire Rpublique Centreafrique. 9301 Chapek Road., Bldg.1458 Seize and secure close or urban terrain. www getkansasbenefits gov trivago hotels tampa florida defcad glock auto sear Manage Settings greater ranges. 500 horsepower engine and basic transmission. Selected M2/3A2s will be modified with the ODS upgrade pachage through FY02. GEN II FLIR). compatible with that of the Abrams and it provides the user with missile and conventional fire capable of defeating threat tanks The MCD can deter first-generation thermal, wire-guided anti-tank missiles. Secure the battery box covers by bolting them down. Combined Arms team with the Abrams Tank. The M2 Bradley is equipped with the Raytheon TOW BGM-71 anti-tank missile system. The M2A3 Bradley is armed with an ATK Gun Systems Company M242 25 mm Bushmaster Chain Gun with a 7.62 mm M240C machine gun mounted coaxially to the right of the main armament. The thermal imaging DRS Technologies drivers vision enhancer (DVE), ANVAS-5, uses a 320240 uncooled ferroelectric scanning array. var ins = document.createElement('ins'); limiting collateral damage, fratricide, and non-combatant We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. This way if the BC sees something on the battlefield in another area, the BC can change his gunner's sight picture instantly. The M2A3 allows the crew to Not doing so is a costly mistake that can kill the batteries. This improvement is attributed to the M2A3's enhanced capability to detect, identify, and hit targets. Its actually quick and easy to check the various oil levels. Remove old pages and insert new pages as indicated below. 45 mph. Page last modified: Introduction to Armored Brigade Combat Team (ABCT) composition and tactical considerations. a vehicle control and operation system to control and automate many crew functions and to enhance situational awareness by transmitting, receiving, storing, and displaying digital messages. Cummins VTA-903T water-cooled 4 cycle diesel. Pub/Form Date. Training and execution of Bradley Fighting Vehicle (BFV) gunnery skills tasks and stabilized gunnery up to a modified Table IV. Digitization, Official websites use .mil Mounting capability for reactive armor tiles. perform these missions is enabled by the availability of You definitely need to know if your vehicle has a Class III oil leak or if oil levels are below the ADD mark. Safely transport Infantry to critical locations on the battlefield, Provide fire support to cover their dismounted operations, and, Destroy enemy tanks and other vehicles that may threaten the Infantry it M6-ST M6 Linebacker Sustainment Training. The twin-tube TOW launcher is mounted on the left of the turret. leaders display) gives the M2A3 the ability to operate on This equipment is also more complex than that on earlier models, which requires more cross training to ensure soldiers can fill vacancies or shortfalls in critical positions. Missile Countermeasure Device. Some Bradley M2A3s are also equipped with two antennas mounted at the rear of the top turret which are used to jam IED (improvised explosive devices) signals or RCIED (remote-controlled improvised explosive devices). planned to confirm the effectiveness and suitability of this solution. The addition of Digitization and the CIV The Bradley is equipped with a VTA-903T engine from Cummins Engine Co of Colombus, Indiana. Crew: 3 crew, 6-man infantry squad. It possesses sufficient cross-country mobility to keep up with the Abrams Main Battle Tank, medium and long-range firepower capable of defeating any vehicle on the battlefield, and is adequately armored to protect the crew from artillery and small arms threats. Other sets by this creator. A lock ( The LFT&E is scheduled for 3QFY98 through 1QFY99. Second, the Bradley is designed to be durable under duress, meaning problems can go undiagnosed for a long time with no loss in functionality. The M2A3 supports 3X9 with 10 seats. In FY03 DOT&E assessed the M2A3 to be operationally effective, suitable, and survivable based on the results of the IOT&E, DARI, and the LUT 2. HVTT7XT>~ EAQDmh) %:F awareness. Electrical Power Control. A .mil website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. M2a3 Bradley (ammunition storage capacity) 8 terms. In June 2004, DRS Technologies was awarded a contract to provide systems, including rugged appliqu computers, for the M2A3 Bradley and M1A2 Abrams tanks as part of the US Armys Force XXI battle command, brigade and below (FBCB2) programme. The engines provide a maximum speed of 66km/h. Applying qualities. The digitization upgrades will improve both situational awareness and sustainability through automated fault reporting and diagnostics. The gunner also has periscopes for forward and side observation. Improvements to the sights will be combined with the advent of the squad leader's display, voice and data radios, digital maps, alerts, malfunctions, and digital messaging. Also, the survivability of the vehicle is upgraded with a series of armor improvements, again both passive and reactive, as well as improved fire-suppression systems and NBC equipment.- Bradley BCP: The Bradley BCP is a Command Post tracked armored vehicle based on the chassis of the armored infantry fighting vehicle Bradley.- Bradley M6 Linebacker: The Bradley-Linebacker Short-Range Air Defense (SHORAD) system is essentially a United Defense Bradley infantry fighting vehicle with the twin Raytheon Systems Company TOW anti-tank guided missile system replaced by a pod containing four Stinger fire-and-forget Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAM).- Bradley M7 FIST: Bradley FIST (Fire Support Team) vehicle for the US Army field artillery.- Bradley AMEV: The Bradley AMEV delivers life-saving combat medical support and protection for casualties, evacuees and combat medics while providing mobility and survivability equal to the supported Abrams and Bradley-equipped maneuver force.- Bradley AMTV: The Bradley AMTV provides combat medical support to the Heavy Brigade Combat Team. Test. Secure .mil websites use HTTPS The gunner is equipped with a Raytheon integrated sight unit (ISU) which includes a day / thermal sight of magnification 4 and 12. commander. Dont keep the covers loose. CORPORATE PRIME DEVELOPER: United The M2A3/M3A3 model of the Bradley will facilitate enhanced command and control, greater lethality, and provide mobile protected transport of an Infantry squad, and Cavalry crewmen to critical points on the battlefield. Stowed: 1,400, M2A0/A1: 6 (2 firing ports on each side, 2 in the ramp). precise fires, with reduced fratricide. Deliver precision direct and indirect Design and protection Sources: The M2A3 has more equipment than previous models of the BFV. Quick guide on how to complete m2a3 bradley tm pdf Forget about scanning and printing out forms. Integrated Communications, Command, and Control. The full rate production milestone decision is scheduled for 1QFY00. 50,000 lbs. Choose a career that interests you. A M2 Bradley configured for swimming, Fort Benning, June 1983 The M2 was the basic production model, first fielded in 1981. It was planned that during initial phase over 2 900 new M1283 series armored vehicles in 5 different versions will be delivered to the US Army to replace the M113 . Instruction on Platoon and Company level M2A3 employment and TTPs. NBC Protection. Low rate production commenced in 2020. @;c=@`k+Zm[Y`s4%NQ*,{T"{HMXFktA"$;V=G#U/g/f,.Hq[i&jbJ=:8"[pN'/Fxa`]D.*$J2$1>SiD5^Fcv+G.3w[h?PFzQu|c1e?WwDy6lRQIi! Fb2 +wsn#f.b\C'j|w-piXC4f RO, Dse53$|II%kHbRF/^+HIHI("%7[IX S>l m^ dJ'm0C:fl/*gRYQ)D lU.W@8WL!sAZuN'(C3bbdo8 The first low-rate initial production M2A3 / M3A3 Bradley was delivered in November 1998 and entered service in April 2000. Main Language, German manual, English Features full hull and turret interiors (engine, transmission and all parts in the driver's compartment and passenger compartment), Meng M2A3 Bradley BUSK III IFV Buidling Kit in Motorcycles. The M2 can be identified by its standard TOW missile system, steel laminate armor, and 600 horsepower (450 kW) Cummins VT903 engine with HMPT-500 Hydro-mechanical transmission. Speed: 41 mph. The position-navigation subsystem (POS-NAV) provides accurate positioning and navigation data. A combat identification system is being installed. FM 3-21.71 Mechanized Infantry Platoon and Squad (Bradley), 2002. The large gas-particulate filter system has additional crew stations and heaters to provide NBC protection to the entire Bradley crew and passengers. Meng M2A3 Bradley BUSK III IFV Buidling Kit in Motorcycles. The M2A3 insures overmatch by increasing FM 23-1 Bradley Gunnery, 1996. Rafael Armament Development Authority, Ordnance Systems, of Haifa, Israel, is sharing 50% of the production. = + 'px'; The M2A3 is equipped with a digital electronic architecture incorporating onboard subsystem monitoring, diagnostics/ prognostics, and an Army Technical Architecture (ATA) compliant Command and Control software suite that is fully interoperable with M1 main battle tanks. U.S. Army Weapon Systems 2002. FIELD MANUAL 3-22.1 (FM 23-1) BRADLEY GUNNERY NOVEMBER 2003 HEADQUARTERS, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Armament. A large hydraulic ramp has an integral door in the left side. Advertising in Online Show Daily Defence & Security events, Advertising and Marketing on Defence & Security News Web TV, The Bradley M2A3 uses the same powerpack and transmission that the. Approximately 1,602 Bradley A2s will be remanufactured into A3s, including fire support and air defense derivatives. The commander dismounts with the infantrymen through the rear. A daytime sight system for the gunner or commander is provided as backup to the primary sight. The GEN sufficient Infantry to the critical point on the If you see the engine, transmission, final drives or right-angle fan drive needs oil, add some just like the -10 TM says. Step 1. . m2a3 bradley tm pmcs Posted by on Jun 10, 2022 in skullcandy indy evo charging case replacement . The M2A3 Bradley uses a position-navigation subsystem that incorporates a GPS, an inertial navigation unit (INU), and a vehicle motion sensor (MVS), which, in addition to allowing accurate own-vehicle navigation, allows accurate position reporting and handoff of designated targets to other units via FBCB2 (Battlefield Command Information System). Copyright 2004-2007 Gary W. Cooke Move the Bradleys MASTER POWER switch to OFF after shutting down the engine. The new system implements digital Command and Control (C2), advanced 2nd Gen FLIR, and other major new features necessary to permit the Bradley-A3 to interoperate on the Army's emerging Digitized Battlefield for Force XXI. The M2A3 allows the crew to acquire more targets faster by adding a second sight for the commander. Use our detailed instructions to fill out and eSign your documents online. What information is found in fashion and trade publications? Situational Awareness. The M2A3 and M3A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle Systems (BFVS) are improved versions of the M2A2 and M3A2 BFVS. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. The M2 Bradley carries a crew of three (Commander, Gunner & Driver) and a six-man Infantry section into combat. Why is extra yardage needed for some fabrics? Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. In the event of a failure which the crew cannot correct, maintenance personnel will no longer have to lug around six boxes of test equipment and a series of more than 13 technical manuals in order to troubleshoot the vehicle. The M2A3 is the first Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) that is technologically equal to the Abrams tank, it corrects Desert Storm deficiencies, capitalizes on ten years of mechanized Infantry experience, and integrates Army Horizontal Technical Integration initiatives (e.g. An optical relay provides the image of the gunners sight to the commander. Until they are, here's some info. Get industry leading news, data and analysis delivered to your inbox, The leading site for news and procurement in the defence industry, The Bradley vehicle system includes the M2 infantry-fighting and the M3 cavalry-fighting vehicles.. Conduct high tempo operations Single or multiple shot mode can be selected by the gunner. The PLGR can also show the offset distance from this course line. Road Speed. Since its initial production in 1981, the Bradley has been continually improved to meet the requirements of the changing battlefield. The digitization upgrades will improve both situational awareness and sustainability through automated fault reporting and diagnostics. commander. The driver is equipped with three forward periscopes plus one periscope to the left. The M2A3/M3A3 will provide overwatching fires to support the dismounted infantry and suppress/defeat enemy tanks, reconnaissance vehicles, IFVs, armored personnel carriers, bunkers, and attack helicopters. The main armament is an ATK Ammunition Systems (formerly Boeing Ordnance) 25mm M242 Bushmaster chain gun. The commander's independent viewer (CIV) and the improved Bradley acquisition subsystem (IBAS) use Among the enhancements that make up the upgrade are the addition of several computer displays (e.g., the Commander's Tactical Display) that will enhance the crew's situational awareness and facilitate the transmittal and review of information between the platoon, company and higher echelon levels. Approximately 1,602 Bradley A2s will be remanufactured into A3s, including fire support and air defense derivatives. A test conducted September 12- 27, 2002, at the Electronic Proving Ground, Fort Huachuca, Arizona, and cold A double-wire command link between the missile and the gunner is dispensed from two spools at the back of the missile. Three versions of the M2/M3 have been procured: 2,300 "basic," or A0 Bradleys; 1,371 A1 Bradleys which incorporates the TOW 2 missile subsystem; and 3,053 A2 "high survivability" vehicles. Fort Belvoir, VA 22060 A total of 202 kits have been used for the conversion of Bradley ODS vehicles to the Bradley ODS-SA configuration and remaining will be retained for future vehicle conversions. An M240C 7.62mm machine gun is mounted coaxially to right of the Bushmaster. This digital capability is to be compatible with all components of the combined arms team. The launcher sends flight correction data to the guidance system on the missile via the command link. TM 9-1290-262-10 C1 Change No. ) or https:// means youve safely connected to the .gov website. Attack, disperse, attack again. Since 1981, 6,720 vehicles of both types have been fielded. if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[580,400],'globalsecurity_org-medrectangle-4','ezslot_5',127,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-globalsecurity_org-medrectangle-4-0');BFVS-A3 enhancements include. ins.dataset.adClient = pid; The TDS moves the weapon and stabilizes the weapon systems. The hull of the M2 Bradley is constructed of welded aluminium and spaced laminate armour. In March 1994, the Army awarded a contract to United Defense, Limited Partnership, to begin the engineering and manufacturing development phase. conditions. M2A3/M3A3 will facilitate mechanized Infantry, cavalry scout, and other claimant (Bradley equipped Fire Support and Stinger Teams) missions in the 21st Century. = 'block'; The improvements also include a second-generation, forward-looking infrared radar (FLIR); a thermal sight; a target-designation function; dual-target tracking; an eye--safe laser range finder; an automatic gun-target adjustment; automatic optical alignment; and "hunter-killer" capability. var alS = 1021 % 1000; weather testing at the Cold Regions Test Center, Alaska, revealed that significant suitability problems with M2A3 FBCB2 The First Unit Equipped (FUE) for the A2 ODS variant was FY96. M2A3/M3A3 will facilitate mechanized Infantry, cavalry scout, and other claimant (Bradley equipped Fire Support and Stinger Teams) missions in the 21st Century. (U.S. Air Force photo by TSgt James Mossman)(Released). While stationary, the M2A3 BFV can use the TOW to engage either of two targets appearing in the same FOV, from any aspect. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. GPS, and LRF allow rapid, accurate calls for fire. The Bushmaster is a 25mm autocannon of US origin. Normal Conditions PMCS Intervals 1. checks and services of PM must be performed prior to placing vehicle or its components in operation. At best, the process is expensive and inefficient. lo.observe(document.getElementById(slotId + '-asloaded'), { attributes: true }); The Bradley M2/M3A3 upgrade provides digital command and control enhancements that will permit that vehicle to operate as a part of the Army's emerging concept of a "digital battlefield." The Bradley Fighting Vehicle is a fully armored, fully tracked vehicle designed to carry Mechanized Infantry into close contact with the enemy. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The A3 upgrade will also increase the lethality of the Bradley by adding an improved fire control system and a commander's independent thermal viewer. control, commanders independent viewer, and squad Here are a couple things that crews sometimes overlook: One of the biggest pitfalls for Bradley crewmen is failing to take care of their vehicles batteries. The ability to Pub/Form Number. The CIV allows improved coverage in close Army Publishing Directorate Like the M113, the primary purpose of the M2 is to carry infantryman on the battlefield, and transport and support them with fire if necessary. M2A3 Bradley (mobile capabilities) 7 terms. Cummins VTA-903T Gas Particulate Filter Units (GPFU) NBC system. SUPERSEDURE NOTICE: This manual supersedes TM 9-2350-293-10 dated November 1994, including all changes. Fort Belvoir, VA 22060 The M2/3A3 vehicle configuration is in EMD with FUE scheduled for FY00. And dont forget you can damage the electrical system if you turn off the MASTER POWER switch while the engines still running. Unlike the M113 family of vehicles the Bradley replaces, this is not simply a "battle taxi". Technical Manual (TM) 9-2350-294-10-1 Title: TECHNICAL MANUAL OPERATORS MANUAL FOR FIGHTING VEHICLE, INFANTRY M2A3 2350-01-436-0005 (EIC APG) FIGHTING VEHICLE, CAVALRY M3A3 2350-01-436-0007 (EIC APH) HULL. Pub/Form Title. note this checklist contains checks to be performed before combat to assure vehicle is mission capable. technical manual operator manual for fighting vehicle a3 bfist w/fs3 (nsn 2350-01-563-9444) (eic ap9) bradley fire support vehicle m7 bfist sa w/fs3 (nsn 2350-01-572-5988) (eic ap8) turret NEW 11/30/2019 The C2 system is Although the turret of the A3 is smaller than the A2's, additional components and software to be installed increase the A3's ability to "shoot, move, and communicate". Using the ELRF, the crew can determine target ranges. useful knowledge, through embedded digitization, enhanced The Bradley M2A3 was used by U.S. Armed Forces during the war in Iraq. Rifles, M16A2, 5.56mm (1 per squad member), JAVELIN (Anti-Armor Weapon System-Medium). Recent technical test results indicate that FBCB2 reliability significantly improved when using a A .mil website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. In September 2008, BAE Systems was awarded a contract to install improvised explosive device (IED) mine armour on 433 Bradley M2/M3 vehicles. The vehicle is in service with the armies of the US and Saudi Arabia. CHAPTER 8 provides supporting information for the TM. The M2A3 BFV precision navigation system (PNS) consists of a precision lightweight GPS receiver (PLGR), an inertial navigation unit (INU), a precision lightweight GPS, precision lightweight GPS receiver (PLGR), and a vehicle motion sensor (VMS). integrated with the vehicle fire control and position navigation of the M2A3's second-generation FLIR and improved fire control system. Match. Moreover, functional improvements are to be made to the A3's electrical power system, Nuclear Biological Chemical protection system, 25mm enhanced gun system, situational awareness capability and its navigational systems. 107 Army Pentagon In July 2007, a further 172 vehicles (108 A2, 60 A3, four BFIST) were contracted. vehicle, section, and platoon level, have already been completed. water-cooled 4 cycle diesel. The A3's built-in-test (BIT) continually monitors the system's turret status and shows the commander warnings and - Bradley M2: The basic production model, first fielded in 1981- Bradley M2A1: It's a further development of the standard vehicle Bradley M2 with an improved ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missile) launcher, with greater accuracy and a new sight system.- Bradley M2A2: Introduced in 1988, new engine, new armor with protection against 30 mm APDS rounds and RPGs (or similar anti-armor weapons).- Bradley M2A3: Introduced in 2000, the A3 upgrades make the Bradley IFV totally digital and upgrade or improve existing electronics systems through improving target acquisition and fire control, navigation, and situational awareness. The first low-rate initial production M2A3 / M3A3 Bradley was delivered in November 1998 and entered service in April 2000. Range: 300 miles. first burst on target, eliminating the need for a sensing round. In March 1994, the United States Army awarded a contract to United Defense, Limited Partnership, to begin the engineering and manufacturing development phase. US must overhaul how it co-operates with allies and partners, The time of Arctic exceptionalism is over Lord Ashton, US Army begins Combined Resolve 18 exercise in Germany, French DGA completes first Akeron LP trials aboard Tiger helicopter, Rheinmetall to supply tank ammunition to European customer, Macquarie applaud Australias concern for cybersecurity, Elbit Systems records revenues of $5.511bn for FY22, Rheinmetall sales increase by 13% in fiscal year 2022, Leonardo posts new orders growth of 21% in full year 2022, Why high frequency emergency radio communications network is critical for island nations, How military uses of the IoT for defence applications are expanding, Land platform power packs, engine and transmission, VPT Series DC-DC Converters and Power Accessory Modules, Selecting the Correct Level of DC-DC Converter for Your Application, Marder Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs), Germany, M270 MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System), US. The M2 Bradley carries a crew of three (Commander, Gunner & Driver) and a six-man Infantry section into combat. crew to engage targets faster and more accurately by enabling .,YDb4H~/> 9o*O{Ck8:E]lZw- F1+KDx\#xM9^#)RapNhm4r)qXG ]O,F#c?J?nF;ldfx@^ 7i2.~e1v~fl]m1Ey;DoMD}?52!he*Kqji{>YOH u=% s #iUw-eVKeLO6%vrG=>.c"F The M2 posses greater power, greater acceleration, and an advanced suspension for a significant increase in cross-country speed. Range. technical manual record details for tm 9-2350-294-10-1. pub/form number: tm 9-2350-294-10-1 . Search and Seizure. And if one of the covers comes into contact with a battery terminal, the batteries can short out. artillery, and mortars. control system provides for a near real-time integrated data link For more details visit, ADRP - Army Doctrine References Publications, ATTP - Army Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures, FY Publication Status Report (CAC required for access), Publishing Resources (CAC required for access), PC/PCO/FMO/EPCO Directory (CAC required for access),, OPERATOR`S MANUAL FOR FIGHTING VEHICLE, INFANTRY M2A3 (NSN 2350-01- 436-0005) (EIC: APG) FIGHTING VEHICLE, CALVARY M3A3 (2350-01-436-0007) (EIC: APH) AND FIGHTING VEHICLE, M3A3 BFIST (2350-01-506-0132) HULL (THIS ITEM IS INCLUDED ON EM 0043), Search Army publications and forms by Number, Title, or Record Detail. Upgraded M2 Bradleys are equipped with the DRS Technologies drivers vision enhancer (DVE). Heres how to keep that from happening: Checking oil levels is important because a low reading is often the first sign that a vehicle has a serious oil leak. The AMTV provides the capability to emplace forward surgical teams closer to the point of injury, allowing advanced trauma management and intervention treatment on todays battlefield.- Bradley Mortar Vehicle: The Bradley Mortar Vehicles large interior volume enables the vehicle to carry up to 115 rounds of 120mm mortars, which facilitates the crews ability to provide a longer duration of sustainable fires. the improved Bradley acquisition system (IBAS) and commander's independent viewer, both 2. a position navigation system with GPS receiver to enhance situational awareness.

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