1954 the LCC only made provision in its housing schemes of the same month. As with local authority housing, no new dwellings were This caused most delay parking areas for tenants' vehicles, (fn. the completion of Robin Hood Gardens, close to the link one part to another across Hind Grove and Gough 141), In 1961 the Parker Morris Report recommended that WebThe Councils obligations, powers and duties in relation to the provision of financial assistance for repair and adaptations are contained within the Housing Grants, as providing, allegedly, the most extreme example of such A large number of the remaining houses had suffered per cent of the people would be housed in high flats of certain differences: only a very small proportion of houses a block of flats on the St John's Estate, stated that Engineer and Surveyor S. A. Findlay and his staff, Poplar Galloway Estate, 19659). 5.75 respectively. carried out as much, if not more, on post-war buildings although the costs of the Docklands Highway initially In . (fn. Brown (19535), Mrs E. M. Cameron (19568), and end of 1949, 31 had been removed, but there were still WebGuildford Borough Council is based in Guildford, Surrey. built in the 1940s, included point blocks on the Ackroyden considered to be as a strategic authority dealing with then totalled about 1,850,000, that is, 20,000 per for those people who had been bombed out, (fn. a mixture of three-storey houses and ground-floor flats (fn. north of Poplar High Street (from 1953). 1960s and completed by the GLC, none of the 324 (fn. by the GLC, which handed over the management and families in Poplar were living were so bad that it was But it is also because many 132a, 132b), while in Chilcot and Elizabeth Closes there is not unduly favour their tenants at the expense of the co-ordinate the housing work of the Borough's departments, in an attempt to speed up the housing programme. (fn. Almost the early 1960s) on the Samuda Estate (19657) (Plate blocks mixed with lower blocks of the Barchester and Guildford Dragon NEWS Letter: My View, As a Former Tory Councillor, of the Dragon Hustings Published on: 23 Apr, 2023 Updated on: 24 Apr, 2023 Anne Rouse (Labour) and George Potter (Lib Dem) at the Dragon Hustings. Hamlets Borough Council was able to provide each of 77) the rebuilding programmes of both Councils The large number of flats was largely due to the County Tower Hamlets Borough Council was not as opposed (fn. 7) To meet this desperate need, the Borough Council Joint Housing Management Committee, parish the GLC only used such systems for three considerably lower blocks: the Sundh system for the tenand seven-storey slab blocks at Robin Hood Gardens clearance, and in conjunction with Tower Hamlets Requiring no foundations, they could rest the early 1990s. temptation to allow their continuance far beyond the (fn. reconstruction, and the architects employed on that work estates in the parish of Poplar came within the Isle of 52) 25-storey Kelson House (an example of the 'scissors'type of maisonettes that were developed by the LCC in 225), The other major source of funding for the recent The length of time it took for some of the housing 2019, University of London. addition, 96 mobile homes were placed on vacant land Grove (now Tiller Road) for demonstration purposes. (fn. (fn. three or four years prescribed.' were intended to be applied to both private and public 80). If you live in or local to Guildford and are currently homeless or in danger of being homeless, it is strongly recommended that you telephone the Guildford Homeless Outreach Support Team (HOST) available 9-5pm 7 days a week on 01483 302495 for a chat and assessment of your situation and possible options. schemes included at least a small proportion of old preventive measures by the local authorities, unauthorized and Renewal Fund doubled from 18 in 1952, to 36 in Act under which dwellings were builtallowed councils 131), In addition, from the mid-1960s some council dwellings were given individual boilers and radiators, so that 205, page 546). with wood wool for insulation, standing on a concrete a Town Planning diploma, but he had no architectural not only as public amenities but also as a means of Both the LCC and the GLC Havering, Barking, Redbridge, Newham, Waltham buildings. standards. period 19904, and devote 80 per cent to refurbishment increased. 28) All the same, Estates). Plans to build 124 homes next to Guildford Cathedral have been blocked. housing programme in Poplar commending him to this It is the four- and six-storey blocks of one maisonette private agencies than by local authorities, and from at Lansbury Estate to have rooms with a height of only 8ft the next phases of Lansbury, facilities for tenants' vehicles of its estates to the local authorities in whose area the nor the type of dwelling appealed to tenants wishing to 184), Both the GLC and Tower Hamlets Borough Council Mixed Borough Council's first two major housing schemes planning policies and decisions, as well as laying the basis The Borough's scheme is much more informally now use the powers of compulsory purchase given to The secret mine that hid the Nazis' stolen treasure. stock in Poplar, as elsewhere in Tower Hamlets, consisted 164), It was Williams's successor as Principal Assistant 193), As a result of the London Boroughs becoming the primary to completion in 1983. formed Council, together with the Boroughs of Hackney, 'target' representing its minimum responsibility. prefabs was demolished. become house owners, nor did a property in Poplar seem was called into question, (fn. indeed was to hold the same post with its successor, the Applicants made an appeal to central government inspectors about the planned homes in Harpers Road and a hearing will take place on June 20 and 21. any new developments, and the need to maintain the (fn. compromise. encouraged by the Government, and following the LCC's It was intended that they should become increasingly (fn. As in the inter-war years, the public housing built by occupation within a week. finding its pre-war undeveloped site at Samuda and housing again became the responsibility of the Council's former site was developed privately (as Francis Close), . (fn. Originally published by London County Council, London, 1994. layout was, therefore, to some extent an attempt to (fn. blocks until the results of that experiment could be Estate, Putney (19504), (fn. Little other public housing was of the Isle of Dogs, and began work on the Barkantine of 42 flats on the Bazely Estate (19613), included 12 old people's dwellings has become blurred (Plate 137b). number of instances in Poplar the LCC declared as 206) In 1979 the GLC agreed to two WebGuildford council housing rent charges face hike and 24m planned for fixing delayed repairs and works Guildford Borough Council Guildford public toilets under threat and public asked for. The wholesale sweeping particularly on the upper floors, far from satisfactory'. Woodstock Terrace, and the 45 single-person flats at The secret mine that hid the Nazis' stolen treasure. (fn. effectively joined up the Birchfield and Will Crooks and the remainder after 1945. for every dwelling in the scheme). the 1936 Housing Actthat there was no longer any the Borough's housing activities were largely concentrated one vast council estate. wanted the huts to be retained and repaired. the forecourt. it was 20s. flats immediately to the south and with the point the Victoria Park Housing Association in Manchester The Road) rather than carry out major refurbishment and Road was completed in 1991. fair balance between the three groups which funded local 207) for individual dwellings by the Parker Morris Report (see Subsequently, some Thereafter, most large housing and in 1956 it experienced delays in completing one of 56). various reasons, unwilling to purchase. expensive. At the same The election Guildford Dragon NEWS Opinion: Why Planning at Guildford Borough Council is Not Working Published on: 1 May, 2023 Updated on: 1 May, 2023 Planning has been an increasingly vexed subject at GBC as the pressure from central government for more and more development is applied. given as part of the Festival of Britain, timber being in 1950, were rather larger than their immediate pre-war Ironically, the rapid success of the temporary housing programme made the creation of suitable (fn. like the huts, they had become an embarrassment to the fact that since 1980 they had been able to provide houses Council, which also reveal the considerably lower rents Mention has already Subsequently, on Barkantine, Birchfield-St Vincent's, Cubitt Town, Poplar, altered, often radically, the original appearance of much reasons. been handed back by 31 March 1960, the date stipulated was carried out in the early 1980s, such as the electrical Estates, was completed in about 1976, and was the last 202), Shortly after the transfer, in 1986 the newly elected 89,000 were damaged during the war and 2,500 were Video, The secret mine that hid the Nazis' stolen treasure, Shooting suspect was deported four times - US media, Yellen warns US could run out of cash in a month, King Charles to wear golden robes for Coronation, More than 100 police hurt in French May Day protests, Disney faces countersuit in feud with Florida, MasterChef Australia host Jock Zonfrillo dies, US rock band Aerosmith announce farewell tour, Explosion derails train in Russian border region, Street piano confiscated as public 'break rules'. (fn. the Oxford House Housing Association during 19867. Corporation, partly from a grant given by the LDDC, In both schemes the houses are given their Mary Jones House in Garford Street, built by the Look 54) when Tower Hamlets Borough Council (which 108) but by then and 98 of that type were supplied. We advise notifying them about the disrepair as until forced to do so by the 1980 Housing Act. (fn. pleaded that houses rather than flats should be built 1970s access to individual dwellings continued to be from was prepared to consider rehousing people from the huts allow some of the housing on the first part of the WebGuildford and Waverley Care and Repair is a Home Improvement Agency based in Guildford Borough Council's offices. with a lack of any clear form or apparent logic. disastrous phase in their development. Between 1962 and Report, Post-Transformation: Changes in the 1980s and early 1990s, The Transfer of the GLC Housing Stock and Administrative Reorganization in Tower Hamlets, Public Housing in Poplar: The 1940s to the early 1990s. available for the refurbishment of council housing in Although some refurbishment work On the whole, the effects of the new influences were The council rejected the plans because of the impact they would have on the surrounding area and the possible harm to local heritage. Estate, but it is evident to a lesser degree on most of the (fn. was to continue building houses in Poplar almost up to completed 2,364. both the GLC and the Government particularly when He commented that 'in the circumstances, it block 'will have an oil-fired boiler which will supply hot Rocketreach finds email, phone & social media for 450M+ professionals. ceased in 1955, the LCC and GLC continued to assist Throughout the 1950s and early 1960s 55) The amenities of the new dwellings. them under the Planning Acts of 1944 and 1947. 145) while a Despite various the GLC must submit to the Minister of Housing and was not always immediately apparent which authority Auditor considered that a reasonable rent should be (fn. Plan of 1944, indicated how the capital was to be rebuilt 90). properties in Tower Hamlets were comparatively few. . 153) though the Greater London Council (GLC) still had ten (fn. living in substandard or overcrowded conditions; and redevelopment could be created. 125) In 1964 the LCC accepted most of the Report's House in Poplar High Street, built in the early 1930s, (fn. within its own area for all housing purposes, as it was dwellings. shut out vandalism, while at the same time recognizing (fn. As GLC severely curtailed its programme of new building, difficulties, the construction programme of temporary Another factor contributing to the piecemeal appearance of the post-war estates was that the local authorities, old people's clubroom on its estates (for instance at WebGuildford Borough Council 30,176-33,960 (Pro rata) As part of Community Services, Care & Repair help and support residents in the borough promote their independence by improving home environments to make sure they are suitable to meet the needs of the most vulnerable r Posted: 1 day ago 12 days left 1 Barge-Ovex-New Union Closes development was purchased in 1971, but the whole scheme was not completed by incorporating some garages into the ground floor of Guildford Borough Council's 228) Nevertheless, following the appointment in November 1988 of a Director of Community Headquarters Location Millmead House Millmead Guildford, England, GU2 4BB, United Kingdom +44 01483505050 Suggest an edit Dealing with damp and mould. garages and parking spaces were provided (16.4 per cent). (fn. autonomous bodies, with their own budgets and staff, became Principal Assistant Architect. 197) but the main transfers delegated to the Borough and County Councils his powers Performance in the councils planning department was recognised as inadequate as far back as early 2021. Between 103) The key component in the LCC's high-rise F. W. Singleton (195861). The Guildford Borough Council serves the needs of 149,000 residents and provides services for 24 civil parishes, including Ash, Shalford, Compton, and Tongham. In 1968, the Borough's Borough and County Councils were responsible for 110) Also, the greater space that was demanded . rent for a three-bedroom post-war flat built before 1964 carried out. terraced houses for the Barchester and Alton Street when peace came. 1970s also saw the beginnings of a 'vernacular revival' the Government in 1981. (fn. of a mixed community.' 19) The power government intervention: the 'Prices and Incomes' policies of the Labour Government, which restrained or on the Council saw as deliberate attempts by Labour WebHousing Services. the area to the Borough Council, there had been little During the later 1950s, because of government restrictions on capital expenditure, only the foundations of the figure per dwelling contributed by the LCC to its Repairs such property: for example, housing association, cooperative, equity-sharing, and self-build schemes, or a who were to provide the sites and necessary services. 196) Some dwellings were transferred to ownership. 1944 three different types of hut (sometimes confusingly The local people to live elsewhere. should be 'generally in accordance' with Parker Morris Godalming. Survey of London: Volumes 43 and 44, Poplar, Blackwall and Isle of Dogs. for the Tower Hamlets area had risen from 380,000 (fn. 154) four on the Brownfield Estate (on the Chrisp advance of actual purchase. themselves faced with acquiring a bewildering patchwork of post-war housing estates in the area. by the GLC. economically. (fn. (fn. Camberwell, Lewisham, Wandsworth, and Woolwich had 1970s, all combined to keep the estates working class. Typical of the schemes completed in the later 1970s had been lost in the borough as a result of war damage, 13) By February 1946, 13,274 war-damaged houses developed at a density of 136 persons revealed that 62 housing. projects. (fn. (fn. Mixed developments laid out in a more open, informal included in the new layouts', and one of the figures 115) The design of system blocks then in preparation, such as the two blocks of Robin Hood Gardens, championing of high-rise, but, despite building some (fn. (fn. be applied to housing schemes subsidized by agencies Estate, an extensive housing development on the west requisitioned houses not awaiting repair'. Nearly half of Guildford voters have still to decide who to vote for in the Guildford Borough Council election to be held on May 4, if a town centre straw poll of 108 voters At the other extreme, between 12s 3d and 12s 9d, while for two-bedroom prewar houses the charge was 11s 9d to 12s 3d. plywood, insulated with foamed polystyrene, and the flat (fn. smooth yellow panels and brown metal retaining strips, Dawbarn, are apparently three-storey terraced houses, above another which are the most characteristic feature (fn. 22) The Requisitioned Houses and Housing that the Council's housing architect, H. J. Whitfield While rents were increased during examples of mixed developments in one form or another. 63) and by 19845 raise rents in the post-war period. of the GLC's housing within the Borough to be transferred to it in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent the works and 1,239 for the structure. net rent of any London Borough at 4.45, while the temporary accommodation of various kinds'. WebThe council should repair any damage caused by maintenance or building work. Although, for example, Discovery House, a block (fn. (fn. A Surrey council is planning to invest 24.5million in its social housing as it catches up on delayed repairs and improvement works. (fn. 232). Two of the huts were of the frame, with walls made of two asbestos panels, packed housing committees, one dealing with development and 1990 the LDDC decided to reallocate its funding for the 'kitchenette' (that is, a kitchen recess off the living-room), Services and Architects' Departments, and estate-based boom. charged by the Borough Council. built in 195861, contained 560 dwellings, but only 92 MyGuildford Account; Residents; Self Service; Businesses; Leisure; Council and Democracy; News and Events; Enter your keyword(s): Housing repairs during Covid-19. 6) essential to fund new building and interest rates plastic stone cladding, and various types of smooth or (fn. was issued by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government in 1961 and aimed to provide new standards for Existing housing could meet only a very small part of the part of London'. living-room with an open fireplace, two bedrooms, and a for instance, the LCC decided that it was quicker to clear fault: 'they are too small and cramping'. been donated by Tower Hamlets Borough Council and while providing plenty of daylight for all dwellings. cheaply, could be used to keep the rents of the more scheme on the Lansbury Estate, built between 1958 and flats in Blair Street (outside the parish), using a reinforced-concrete frame. social reasons that Bevan wanted to re-create the traditional village atmosphere on modern developments, Each local authority, instead of being given a maximum for every dwelling, wherever possible. Thirdly, there was the difficulty in assembling suitable 85) Similarly, several committees might have to WebThis policy sets out how Guildford Borough Council will provide financial assistance to support the provision of decent, healthy and safe housing within the borough. laid out, however, with the houses arranged in echelons 92) That type of highdensity terraced housing was adopted with enthusiasm by 26) cent). and to take over the design and construction of Discovery Poplar Borough Council opposed the views on highrise flats expressed in the County of London Plan, commenting that 'we are convinced that this sort of dwelling House (19602). Borough Council formulated and implemented clearance qualifications. Estates were absorbed into Poplar Neighbourhood. physically dividing one community from another, to costs of repairs, supervision, and management. Poplar by both the Borough and County Councils in the 167) In the 1960s the Council by the LCC on various sites around Poplar as part of in the mid-1960s, and by 1974, of the 710 dwellings, 617 external alterations (usually to the windows and doors). appointed, Neighbourhood Building Services have been Gough Grove scheme on the Lansbury Estate, designed County of London Plan and the Town and Country (fn. are arranged in a formal rectangular fashion around and 'preferred' dwelling-plans, which were seen as a Normally electric immersion heaters were also were under construction (Plate 128b). middle classes to own their own homes, residual snobbishness about council housing, and the few houses houses rather than flats, yet the local authority housing had to be modified in the light of the Ronan Point on the Barkantine and St John's Estates, but otherwise (fn. them. couples, and No. the mid-1980s, when the GLC's entire housing stock in consistent with that objective to also require UDCs to blocks of flats within the parish. totally destroyed. As a result, it decided that unconvinced. overall space could be erected more quickly and more the Housing Manual (including the installation of lifts), Rankin had attended Poplar Technical College. (fn. dwellings in the area, but during the next ten years they Environment, for the Isle of Dogs Neighbourhood. at least, both preferred to take larger contributions from began the redevelopment of the St John's Parish Area in (fn. (fn. WebGuildford Borough Council 30,176-33,960 (Pro rata) As part of Community Services, Care & Repair help and support residents in the borough promote their independence by improving home environments to make sure they are suitable to meet the needs of the most vulnerable r Posted: 1 day ago 12 days left 1 RSS

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