He's a better overall prospect than Keanu Neal was coming out last year, and I loved Neal. I am not trying to be a jerk to the kid, but the skill set I see on the field doesnt relate to a cant-miss prospect. Ziegler made a couple of calls about moving up to fill a hole left by the trade of tight end Darren Waller with Mayer, but never got faror appeared enthusiastic to do it. In three years, well see if Ziegler picked right in the NFLs 88th draft. We're going to wrap up with former Washington safety Budda Baker, who I consider one of the best all-around players in the draft. With cornerback taken care of, we now look to safety. You dont want your draft story to be all about your foot. He is great at scouting QBs. He's worthy of such a comparison. It's largely this media breakout clip where he says Mahomes has the most special arm of anyone in the class. But the insinuation that he is 100% accurate is just patently false. Stroud and Anderson came with their families and made it clear they were all-in on going to a losing team after years of nothing but winning in college. I see him as a Jeremy Shockey or a Greg Olsen type. Most recently, Simms had Justin Herbert (and not Tua Tagovailoa) as his QB2 in 2020. I don't think the value for what the Titans need is going to be there at No. Let's examine year by year. I feel his presence every day.. He might only be 195 pounds, but don't tell him that, because he's going to hit you like he's 225. I really respect him for the depth of his analysis and confidence to stray from the consensus rankings. The Browns could win this draft by making this move. He doesn't have the footwork or the agility to fully excel against edge-rushers at the pro level. Davis started laughing, like he could sense Ziegler and McDaniels did not want him to start lobbying for the best speed receiver in the draft. 5:50 p.m.: Tinny voice from Draft HQ: Detroit has traded its pick to Arizona. He can play every position in the secondary, which is where his value lies. But more than that, Simms previous rankings have been prophetic at times. Adding him at guard would immediately improve Miami's line. I put my GM hat on with each pick and tried to find the pairing that made the most sense. 1 receiver and pick off a couple of passes in his first practice, though, I knew he belonged on an NFL field. The much awaited debut of the Simms 2021 Draft QB Rankings are here. In 2017, he called Patrick Mahomes the 2017 NFL Draft's "most special QB talent." That seems to have been accurate, to say the least. So much so, it makes me think we should take a closer look at what he is presenting with his rankings. I went pick by pick, team by team, 1 to 32. Former Miami tight end David Njoku, on the other hand, represents tremendous value at pick No. Last year, he had Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert as his top two prospects. This is a West Coast-style offense that relies on a lot of play action and bootlegs, and Clemson's Deshaun Watson has the skill set to run iteven if he has to play as a rookie. Likely. In a division with receivers like Dez Bryant, Odell Beckham Jr. and Terrelle Pryor, the Eagles desperately need a No. There aren't many guys on planet Earth with the combination of size and speed that former Alabama tight end O.J. 2017 NFL Mock Draft: Chris Simms' Final Predictions I know the Baltimore Ravens took Breshad Perriman in the first round two years ago, but man, they've gotten next to nothing out of him. I'm not sure Garrett has been coached all that well to this point. Meanwhile, Reddick is one of the five most physically freakish players in this draft. It's a great evaluation. Wilson underwent surgery by the top athletic foot surgeon in the field, Dr. Robert Anderson, to repair a fracture last Nov. 21. I wonder how many different ways we can use him.". Chris Simms is one of the best in the business. Even if Thomas doesn't become a legitimate superstar, he's going to start on a defensive line for the next 7-10 years. Colts: Will Levis, QB, Kentucky 5. He's a quality run-stopper, and he's only scratching the surface of his potential as a pass-rusher. Seattle needs to get a bit younger in the secondary in general, and Washington's Budda Baker can make it younger at a variety of positions. So I could still see Conley being drafted early if a team believes Conley's story that he is innocent. Tom Coughlin and Doug Marrone have to be concerned with having Blake Bortles at quarterback. You go after guys with the potential to be. See below to find out who made the top 5 names for each position. I haven't seen UCLA's Fabian Moreau anywhere in the first round in mock drafts, and people are dropping the ball with him. All based on film. Conley and Jackson are each in my top four when it comes to upside for cornerbacks. He also had 92 carries for 204 yards and five touchdowns. Leonard Fournette is 6'0", 240 pounds and runs the 40 in 4.51 seconds. I can check down. He could be a tone-setter and a difference-maker for years to come. Those are all the great QB's near the top. Darnell Washington, Georgia RELATED: 2023 NFL Draft order: Complete list of every pick from Round 1 through Round 7 Simms Breaks Down 2023 Draft TE Rankings NFL Chris Simms' Film Room: Breaking Down Draft's Top QBs B/R Video March 29, 2017 Chris Simms goes inside the 2017 NFL draft to break down some of the top quarterbacks and. They got a speed cornerback, Banks teammate Jakorian Bennett, with pick 104, and the Raiders hope he plays early. He has the hips and the change-of-direction talent to be a top-notch cover corner. LSU safety Jamal Adams is one of the five best players in this draft, for my money. They did a good job of improving it by adding defensive tackle Terrell McClain in free agency. We value the TAP test (a test in the pre-draft process that measures mental toughness, drive and composure under pressure), and Tyree got one of the highest grades on it, a Green plus-plus. I think Ive been one of the most consistent players in college football for the last two years. Even when the team was playing in Super Bowl 50, the line wasn't the greatest group in footballand it hasn't improved since. 2017 NFL Mock Draft: Chris Simms' Final Predictions Chris Simms April 26, 2017 Bob Levey/Getty Images The NFL draft is all about elite talent, proposed value and where you can get guys. If you were asking me to build an offense from the ground up, Njoku would be my guy. Stroud will remember this pre-draft process. With Trubisky and Mahomes both off the board, I don't think Bill O'Brien will be comfortable with a quarterback here, so Melifonwu is the pick. Chris Simms is one of the best in the business. Stanford's Christian McCaffrey can only help this unconventional offense grow. Stroud to Bryce Young and more. Chris Simms has dropped his QB Rankings for the 2021 NFL Draft. I wasn't sure if Cadillac Williams would be a superstar when I first met him, but I could tell that he was a guy you could hand the ball to 20-30 times a game without worrying if he'd screw up. When we hired them, everybody thought we were trying to re-create the Patriots. Reuben Foster was put on earth to play middle linebacker. (Sign up for our FREE email newsletter and do not miss any Browns breaking news during this important off-season!). When you're looking at both film and physical ability, it's hard to find an accurate comparison for him. Yet he also has the ability to be a dangerous return specialist and scoring machine. The Browns also have Kevin Hogan on the roster. Mahomes will have the luxury of sitting behind Tyrod Taylor for a year or so as he adapts to the pro game. Simms Spotlight: Patrick Mahomes Is 2017 NFL Draft's Most Special QB Arizona's defense is similar to Pittsburgh's, and Reddick can be a more physical version of Ryan Shazier for the Cardinals. Chris Simms 2022 NFL Draft Tight End Rankings: Paying franchise-quarterback draft capital to draft a defensive end. The Bears could also go cornerback here, but the potential upside of Hooker is too hard to pass up. We don't have rankings, but he did make a mock draft that year, based on his own rankings - not where he thought players would go. While he is definitely lower than most on the rankings for Fields, is Simms someone who has been right in the past or constantly wrong? I think New York will consider Reuben Foster, but ultimately, it will pass because of his character concerns. Baker and Lamar is an honest conversation. The third quarterback was off the board. Here's the direct quote: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that's why you'll probably find my mock draft different than others. Chris Simms' 2022 NFL Draft DT and LB Rankings: - NBC Sports 4/25/17: Trubisky is almost a certainly going to go in the top half of the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. But the people who are making the choices and the picks, they knew what I can do. From a talent standpoint, Ohio State's Marshon Lattimore probably deserves to go higher than 11th overall. I've put a lot of time and work into the evaluation of these draft prospects, and I'm basing my mock on my own evaluations. Now, Im not saying Simms has a Jedi-like power to see into the future. Short conversation with KC. Best tight end in the draft, Kelly said. At 5:37 p.m., Anthony Richardson, the Florida quarterback, got picked by the Colts. Allow yourself to view Mac Jones prospect status with clear thoughts, especially after he had a great formal meeting with the team. He's the type of safety in today's NFL who can give guys like Rob Gronkowski, Greg Olsen and Jordan Reed their money's worth in coverage. We could get [Oklahoma tackle Anton] Harrison at 12, McDaniels said. But he was a consensus Top 3 pick overall, and nearly the entire nation's #1 QB. Ziegler and McDaniels did know by staying putand they would get a phone call that surprised and tempted them minutes before their pickthey were not in control of their fate. Hooker, who snagged seven interceptions last season, would immediately add a playmaking presence to the back end of Chicago's defense. No action on Zieglers phone. The San Francisco 49ers are going to be running a Seattle Seahawks type of defense, and Stanford's Solomon Thomas can be San Francisco's version of Michael Bennett. In some ways, Baker is the opposite of Michigan's Jabrill Peppers. He can be the much-needed shutdown corner the Saints have been looking for. This was all probably just a humble moment God wanted me to go through. He's one of those rare defensive prospects that come along once every few years. Ok, so he did not come out with rankings this year. Chris Simms' 2023 NFL Draft QB Rankings: C.J. Stroud leads the way, and "The most confusing thing to me is that Sam Darnold is definitely the number one or two pick by everyone. I don't know. 2022 NFL draft: Chris Simms' 2022 draft QB rankings - Commanders Wire They would get their signal-caller of the future and still take Garrett at No. Former Texas A&M pass-rusher Myles Garrett is a once-in-every-few-years type of talent. Philip Rivers is 35 years old and has 13 seasons under his belt. All smiles, man. WR - Parris Campbell at 2 and Deebo and AJ Brown at 4 and 5. At the absolute worst, his career will likely feature five 1,000-yard seasons. Western Kentucky's Forrest Lamp is yet another college tackle I believe fits better as a guard in the NFLI don't think any of these guys are first-round tackles. We'll be focusing on the second group here. Bleacher Nation is supported in part by affiliate advertising programs, which you can learn more about here. Cardinals: Will Anderson, EDGE, Alabama 4. Whichever team drafts him should have its starting No. Bleacher Nation is a private media site owned and operated by Betsperts, Inc., and it is not affiliated in any way with Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago Bears, the Chicago Bulls, the Chicago White Sox, or the Chicago Blackhawks. Hes got elite arm talent, a [Brett] Favre or [Pat] Mahomes arm. However, this is another one that makes too much sense to me not to do. In 2018, he nailed the top 3 as Lamar, Allen, and Baker, but the order within that ranking is still TBD. Thomas is athletic, strong and versatile and pairs well with DeForest Buckner. Few players in college football over the past few years have been able to turn the corner and outrun Clemson for long touchdowns, but Howard did that multiple times. Gameday, baby! Son of Al announced to the room. The Broncos line gets better as a whole by adding him. The California native completed 152-of-270 passes for 1,812 yards, 16 touchdowns and six interceptions. In 2020, he had Herbert over Tua. TE - Was good last year. Links to content and the quotation of material from other news sources are not the responsibility of Bleacher Nation. RELATED: When is the 2022 NFL Draft: Dates, schedule, TV channel, start time, Round 1 draft order. Mar 20 Here's how I rank the QBs in this year's Draft. Texas Tech's Patrick Mahomes is a special, special talent. As a return specialist, Jackson can be one of the best in the league. Not nearly as bold a ranking as the. But people have started taking his ranks as gospel, when they have errors just like any other analyst's rankings. Chris Simms' 2023 NFL Draft Position Rankings: QBs, WRs, and more Smart move by Ossenfort, choosing not to close a deal for the seventh pick and instead dealing for the sixthensuring that the Cards would get the tackle they wanted. So, I think Lattimore falls and the New Orleans Saints get a gift at No. Lamp doesn't bring character concerns and brings value at 23rd overall. Chris Simms unveiled his 2023 NFL Draft QB rankings earlier this week on the Chris Simms Unbuttoned podcast and had his fair share to say about this year's crop of signal-callers,. Im ready for it.. Allen completed just 56-percent of his passes over the last two seasons. At 4:43 p.m. Pacific Time, Ziegler was on his way into the draft room, a large square conference room on the third floor of the Raiders facility six miles west of the Vegas Strip. What we need is for three quarterbacks to go before we pick, McDaniels said. Stay away from predictionsthat way, you wont have to eat them later. Details. It's just a media site that happens to cover MLB, the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago Bears, the Chicago Bulls, and the Chicago Blackhawks. So where is the Mahomes QB1 narrative coming from? Jackson would also provide a huge boost to the return game. For more from Simms, check out the video below: Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986. Ultimately, though, Florida State's Dalvin Cook is too tasty to pass up. This is a great outcome for us.. He's going to be special. I'd like to see him against NFL offensive linemen before labeling him a true difference-maker, but I have no question that he'll be a quality starter. A lot of people probably have this pegged as the Reuben Foster pick, but I think Foster is going to fall. On Wednesday's PFT Live, Simms . Barnett can come in and complement Bud Dupree as a pass-rusher. Adams can be his new version of Kam Chancellor. Now, this is their chance to build something. All of these things factor into the challenge of making a mock draft. We had them in the last six weeks. 2005-2023 CBS INTERACTIVE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The Raiders needed long-term help opposite Maxx Crosby (edge player Chandler Jones is 33), and Anderson or Wilson would have been great. Adding Lamp would allow the Giants to play D.J. If he gets those long arms on you, you can forget it. I don't expect him to have trouble with even the shiftiest NFL receivers. The Cleveland Browns lack elite talent in their front seven, and Garrett is going to be an elite defensive player for years to come. So, lets keep an open mind when thinking about Kellen Mond and the Bears being totally smitten with each other. The Raiders expect Wilson to be ready to play this season on schedule. With his combination of physical skills and a Von Miller-esque first step, Garrett is a can't-miss edge prospect. Hehas great hands, makes people miss and can take a pass up the seam and explode for a 70-yard touchdown. Plus, that 37.5-inch vertical is going to allow him to out-leap most defensive backs. Information on Bleacher Nation may contain errors or inaccuracies, though we try to avoid them. Seemed obvious Ossenfort wanted Paris Johnson. Even during his worst year, he'll still likely be hovering around 10 sacks. 5:47 p.m.: Witherspoon to Seattle at five. Sam LaPorta, Iowa Tier Three 3. Houston GM Nick Caserio traded 12 and 34 this year and first- and third-round picks next year to just barely squeeze the trade into the NFLs 10-minute window for the third pick. Interestingly enough, I don't think this draft is heavy in top-end talent, but there is a wealth of depth and value to be had. He's the type of receiver Flacco can launch balls to down the field. All McDaniels and Ziegler knew was that these four non-QBs sat at the top of their board a short spiral away, graded closely: But as Ziegler and McDaniels hashed it out, and McDaniels talked about the latest intel hed heard about the top six (I hope Ill have something coming in on Houston at two, but Nicks tight, he said, referring to Texans GM/CIA agent Nick Caserio), they realized they were just like the rest of America: They doubted Houston would pick a quarterback at two, they didnt know which GM was fixing to pay a ransom to trade up with Arizona at three, they didnt know which quarterback Indianapolis would choose at four, and they didnt know if Seattle would go QB or best defensive weapon at five. Then, Caserio said, it happened pretty quickly when they were on the clock.. That's about as close to a bust as I think he could be. Not gonna work, Ziegler said. So how much credit is really due there? Their run defense was 26th in the NFL last year (121.1 yards per game allowed), and Foster can make it better. But when you dig deeper, the Nostradamus level of hype these rankings get are a bit overblown. Chris Simms' Quarterback Rankings for the 2021 NFL Draft Simms probably is the best quarterback scout in media today. As I said before, I don't love putting trades in my mock. But all over Reddit, people are saying "He had Mahomes as QB1 and faded Mitch Trubisky." I have a great memory when it comes to football, Stroud added. Conley has tremendous size (6'0", 195 lbs), length and speedand he plays faster than his 4.44-second combine 40 would indicate. To that I'd say, go over and read some comments in r/NFL. The Denver Broncos need offensive line help any way they can get it. The Panthers have a little bit of an NFL-college-hybrid offense with Newton at the helm. L.A.'s new defensive coordinator is Gus Bradley. Colorado's Chidobe Awuzie is one of the most physically gifted cornerbacks in this draft. Taco Charlton, a 6'6", 277-pound Michigan product, can do both. I'm not going to rush to judgment on the Gareon Conley allegations. Ross can play the Tyreek Hill role. This is where we have our first shake-up. To this stage of their respective careers, this certainly looks like Simms nailed this one. 1 and No. He's a ball-hawking, Ed Reed-type player with phenomenal size (6'1", 206 lbs) and speed. Derek Barnett almost makes too much sense for the Pittsburgh Steelers here. However, people I've talked to around the league tell me there are legitimate concerns about Lattimore's hamstring issues. He's as instinctive as you're going to find at the linebacker position this year. The Chargers defense would suddenly look pretty nasty with Joey Bosa on the front end and Adams on the back end. Baker could truly start at strong safety, at free safety or at corner. In the age of finding the mismatch, running the no-huddle offense and forcing defenses to stay in the same personnel set, Howard can be elite. OL - Really Solid actually EDGE - Good in 19, Bad in 20, Mixed in 21, The beauty of Baker is that he has the talent and the ball skills to potentially step into whichever position is vacated first. He says Mahomes is probably his number 3, but depending on team, Davis Webb, Deshone Kizer and Nathan Peterman. 1 overall. Howard can block, run great routes and outrun people with the football in his handshe's the epitome of the new-age tight end. He also touts the size and the strength to anchor against a double-team and not get moved out of the way. Peter King's final 2022 NFL mock draft - NBC Sports Mayer on the mind in the draft room. This is a tough one for me because I can see the Carolina Panthers going cornerback with this pick. Allen might not be the pure edge-rusher the Bengals need, but he's one of the 10 best players in the draft. 1 overall quarterback on his board entering the 2018 draft.. On the latest episode of The Simms & Lefkoe Podcast, Simms . The film, you can see me going from first option to second and then back to one and then to three to four if I have to. This is the case for Stanford's Solomon Thomas, though, because his floor is so high. However, I can't consider him a sure thing when chronic hamstring issues and other injuries have limited him to just one year of starting experience. The Washington Redskins need help at the interior of their defense. 11. But at the same time, I could feel it: C.J. He's just a really good defensive football playertoo good of one for Seattle to pass up. All of a sudden, New York's line is a strength. So the Saints need guys like Lattimore and Jones on their defense. That seems to have been accurate, to say the least. Thomas can play defensive end or defensive tackle and is going to be disruptive at either position. When I look at tape of Conley, nothing jumps out as a major concern. Don't forget we added Fournette at No. So, just wanted to touch base on a few things. Not certain. Did Fields Get Enough Help? This is where the legend of Simms' rankings really takes hold. Chris Simms Position Rankings through the years. : r/NFL_Draft - Reddit Chris Simms' 2023 NFL Mock Draft 1. Witherspoon would have been great to add to a needy secondary. Like New Orleans, the Philadelphia Eagles are lacking a legitimate cover corner. But I have seen so much on how his rankings are infallible, and near perfect over the past few years. Everything that Ive done in college, Ive been very consistent. Yet, he also has the speed, range and athleticism to cover the Jason Wittens and the Zach Ertzs of the world. He would immediately make Washington's defense better. Im not upset. Based on what I've heard from NFL teams, the diluted sample, the combine dismissal and Foster's off-field concerns add up to make him an iffy prospect. When asked to rank the quarterbacks, they were as follows: The Cleveland Browns have the No. This is one of the toughest picks in the first round for me because the Indianapolis Colts can go in a number of different directions. Whatever the Steelers need Barnett to do in their multi-look 3-4 defense, he can do. Six weeks ago, Anderson sent a letter to each team, saying Wilson has responded extremely well to surgery. Wilson. They can and will sling the ball deep. I don't see any weaknesses in Njoku's game other than the fact he's a little raw. This is the right value for him as a prospect, and he fills a need on Pittsburgh's defense. Theyre gonna love you. In his office 20 minutes later, McDaniels waited to be connected to Wilson to converse. C.J. Former NFL quarterback and current NFL analyst Chris Simms has made waves in the past for his yearly NFL draft quarterback rankings and breakdowns. It doesn't matter what you ask Foster to do. Can he run?. The Giants could also go tight end, but the value isn't there with Howard and Njoku both off the board. There was no real debate now, no discussion about moving. I feel like Alabama's Jonathan Allen has become the forgotten man in this draft. In a way, Allen mirrors Thomas in the sense that Allen's floor might be as a 3-technique defensive tackle. One wall taken up entirely with the draft board, ranking the players by position from top to bottom, on magnetic cards, the old-school way. You just don't know how he's going to develop as a pro. While Njoku is a bit smaller than Howard at 6'4" and 246 pounds,his physicality and length more than make up for it as a blocker. One wall, controlled by pro personnel director Dwayne Joseph, with pick-by-pick order and team-by-team needs that change with every pick. However, if your starting outside corner gets hurt, Baker could start there for a few weeks, and he's going to be a natural at it. 1 selection by the Jacksonville Jaguars. However, their biggest weakness is in pass protection. 5, and I think they try to move the pick. You know you're entering a weird draft when a 273-pound defensive tackle is being billed as a possible second overall pick. 21. Yeah, he might be able to outrun you, but he also might grab the ball and then run your ass over, too. James Harrison (38) is getting up there in age, and the Steelers have parted ways with Jarvis Jones. Simms Spotlight: Patrick Mahomes Is 2017 NFL Draft's Most Special QB Talent | News, Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors | Bleacher Report NFL Simms Spotlight: Patrick Mahomes Is. We have talented offensive playmakers. When I think of a can't-miss prospect, I think about some of the guys I've seen come into the NFL over the years. What's not to like about a guy who is 6'0", 206 pounds, runs the 40 in 4.35 seconds and possesses the physicality of a former running back? ), An hour after the round ended, McDaniels and Ziegler unwound in the draft room. The Packers pass defense was an embarrassment last year. I know that I can think. But thats what happens when you meet at intersection of analysts, insiders, draftniks, thought-leaders, and hundreds of draft-eligible prospects. There are two schools of thought when it comes to targeting prospects early in the NFL draft. Because their secondary sucked in 2016, that's why. But the Titans already have bigger possession receivers in Rishard Matthews and Tajae Sharpe. Njoku is athletic, has long arms and is a phenomenal run-blocker. 5 to No. 1 receiver. Whichever team snags Jackson is going to be getting a talented cornerback. Here's his rankings for this year's class. Click here to find the full first-round draft order. Now the Raiders were sure to get one of their four guys. The pre-draft process comes with waves of information that can seem overwhelming at times. The 2022 NFL Draft is right around the corner. 7:36 p.m.: Crosby sent a video message to Wilson, and in the draft room, Ziegler had it and he showed it to McDaniels and Davis on his phone. Temple's Haason Reddick can be the type of linebacker Washington was in his prime. Foster deserves to be in the conversation with guys like Bobby Wagner or Patrick Willis when they came out of college. Washington's John Ross would add a different element to the offense. 1 cornerback for a long time. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that's why you'll probably find my mock draft different than others. NFL draft's 50* biggest busts of the last 50 years: Jets QB Zach Wilson rates high among infamous. This will likely allow some team to get a steal in the draft. There have been plenty of rumors recently about the Jaguars taking a quarterback, but I'm not basing this selection on rumor. He's a hard-hitting, quality-in-coverage safety who can set the tone in the Chargers secondary. Projected Round (2017): Top-25 Pick. He has the burst to move with receivers and to break on the ball when the opportunity presents itself. They needed help. Look, this doesn't need to be brain surgery. It seemed logical, with Carolina going Bryce Young at number one and then Houston at two and Indianapolis at four and Seattle at five all in the QB market. Darnold completed 303-of-480 passes for 4,143 yards, 26 touchdowns and 13 interceptions last season. 1,367 yards, 10 TDs as a Giant in 2017). This Zach Wilson is very very intriguing - I don't remember the last mock draft where he is not the #2 QB. He's one of the four best corners in this draft, and he's a great fit for Dick LeBeau's defense. Chris Simms' 2023 NFL Draft QB Rankings: C.J. 3 overall selection, which would suggest that they do not believe he will be available with their selection. We have a ton of talented defensive backs and edge-rushers in this draft. has great hands, makes people miss and can take a pass up the seam and explode for a 70-yard touchdown. Chris Simms' 2023 NFL Draft QB Rankings with C.J. Stroud, Bryce Young

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