This mark was obviously hand stamped, as it is usually crooked and off-center. I really appreciate the generous nature of your wealth of knowledge. Mortise (also: mortising, mortice) chisels are used to make and clean out mortises. I stop on a piece of leather glued to a board. The first chisel I ever used was like that- maybe a rebranded Stanley 61, in blue, for Craftsman or something, don't know. Not surprisingly, I prefer wooden handles. 740s were only made from 1930 to 1955. It is a 1 1/2" wide carpenter's chisel. Clockworks are made up of a collection of gears (calledwheelsin clock parlance) that convert the Identifying Antique Stanley Marking Gauges. So named because they look like butchering tool. One other thing. Mark known on: #61 #64-1/2, #65, #65-1/2, #265. To the collector however, the 750 marking is essential, hence the huge difference in price. Gently scrapethe ring smoothas well and you will see the handle beginning to seat into the socket. What stropping compound do you recommend? UNLIMITED membership - Get access to it all. Ill answer that below. Illustration of three Swan and one Greenlee framing chisels. Not sure about the older ones. Again, in 1939 when the company introduced the first locking tape measure, it was #1260, also in the Defiance line. This is a list of basic hand woodworking tools that are very useful, but that may not beabsolutely necessary for beginners projects. Were all the old ones great? A hearty "Well-done" to the first authoritative answer. 51 Spoke Shave Stanley No. Learning about vintage hand tools in general, and chisels in particular has been a joy -and at times an obsession- for me. Framing chisels are basically larger, longer, and stronger socket chisels. Have a set of 12 chisels with this inscription on it. But I already had those two brands on the list :). Mark known on: #61, #64-1/2, #65, #70, #72. Its impossible to make fine furniture without at least one good wood chisel. I actually prefer the socket design, as I believe they are more comfortable, to me the everlasting's "feel" more like "butt chisels" than the 750's or and of the 7 series. These chisels are usually sharpened to 30 or greater bevel. system. The SW stood for Stanley Works, but the logo became known as the sweatheart logo. 0. When it gets old it smells like your tight leather pants after a wild night out on the town, but that's alright, too. I added 5 new-found Swedish chisel brands to the list above and made a new post about them. Can a Metal Roof be Installed Over Shingles? The size of paring chisel you buy will depend on what youre building. Hi, newcomer here resurrecting an old thread, I have just bought 3 Stanley 750 chisels on ebay and they have the Stanley logo on the front of the blade contrary to jimmythings post above. Great article Joshua! Bench chisel is a description of general purpose chisels like one would use at a workbench. Start off with at least four bench chisels: 1/4, 1/2 (or 5/8), 3/4, and 1 (or 1-1/4). The mark is identical to your illustration of the 1922-1923 mark.The wood is a light coloured, clear dense hardwood, Im going to guess its beech, and has all brass fittings. Millwrights chisels are longer, stronger or both forms of most chisels. There is no indication on it that it is a Stanley gauge; however, it has the distinct Patent Mark that has staple Patent Oct 22 1872. Mark assumed on: #62, #64-1/2, #65-1/2, #70, #71. The No.25, 45 & 55 Square edge models came later. Vintage STANLEY No. Theres a new set of affordable chisels that are getting a lot of attention:, Hi i was wondering i you have ever used any tools made by Bahco? If users make purchases in those stores (e.g. 57 Page Moravian Workbench Plans Now for Sale, How to Make a Mortise and Tenon Joint with Woodworking Hand Tools, 8 Steps to Cutting Dovetails with Woodworking Hand Tools, How to Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age and Type, How to Choose the Best Hand Planes for Woodworking. These all seem to be tanged with a strong ferrule and a hoop on the handle. Unfortunately I havent been able to find any information as far as when the full PATENTED 1872 was used vs. the abbreviated PAT 72 stamp. Is it simply handle shape? This is the original patent for the 2-armed mortise gauge. There are other specialty chisel, like Japanese chisels, carving chisels & gouges, wood turning chisels, fishtail chisels, dovetail chisels, etc. The average woodworker may never be able to tell the difference. (1990 second edition.) Thanks forRead more . Wood. The Everlasting chisel is of a unique patented which incorporates a one piece solid steel blade and shank which goes through the handle completely, ending in a peened end cap. This is a stamped mark (as opposed to an inked mark), and is always found on the side of the bar near the non-point end. As of the writing of this article, most are about $36 with free shipping. Socket Chisels are similar in quality to the equivalent No.720-750 series. and continued manufacture the No.40 and 50 models and added the longer No.20 In 1955 the premium average dropped to about 25%. Mark known on: #64, #65, #66, #73, #77, #78, #79. SPONSORED. What is Pyrography? I cant really understand using one for paring, unless you wanted to fill out a set of pairing chisels past 2 in, but Im not a timberframer. Illustrations of Slicks from White 1913 & Swan 1911 catalogs. The Stanley tools identificationvintage Stanley chisel is good in the hand and is comfortable in all applications. Based on these samples, G. Wood patents, and information provided I am sorry to be the guy who asks the really obvious questions. #1,493,176 . Most manufacturers back then seemed to have the right recipe! This allows the 750 to sharpen well and retain it's edge longer. Are all old mortise chisels just that much better? They can have sockets or tangs and vary to every length. I can find very little about them on the web. You can certainly get along with fewer than seven chisels to start with (perhaps four, as I mentioned above) and add more as needed on projects. woodworking questions and connect with the online woodworking community. . Can anyone help with info on what sizes were made and markings, patent dates, pictures etc. Mortise chisels are all designed to be struck by a mallet and should withstand prying. Different steel? They have consistent steel all the way through. Vanadium adds toughness and contributes to a finer grain structure. The company began modestly in 1843, when Frederick T. Stanley founded a door-hardware company in New Britain, Connecticut. Paring chisels have thinner steel and are usually sharpened with a low angle to aid in paring end-grain and other difficult grain. Chisel handles usually break when they are struck with an unreasonable amount of force. Intended for heavy work, a durable edge of 30 is expected but uses for a finer edge are aplenty. What works for me is to use dry graphite powder (you can find it at the key making counter at hardware stores). In this article Ill first answer these four questions: 2. For general use, honed at 25-30. 750, Made In USA. Then further down, in the Chisel Buyers Guide section, Ill share advice on which woodworking chisels you absolutely need to get started in hand tool woodworking, which ones can wait until later, and which woodworking chisels you likely wont need. What a great article Joshua, just out and the comments are overflowing! They could also be genuine 720's with a weird production fault, which is cool too. I was researching it and stumbled on your informative website. An engineering point of view; There is a reason that 750 was removed from the chisel and replaced with a logo. Socket Chisels or Tang Chisels? You can also try visiting a hand tool swap (like M-WTCA). Czech tool maker Narex recently released a new chisel set to the hand tool woodworking world called the Narex Richter chisels. Love the website. Homestrand - Made in Sweden. I recently found an old STANLEY NO. This is an inked mark, and is always found on the side of the bar near the non-point end. This patent covers several enhancements, notably the mustache wear plate and the brass shoe. Blade length is less than ~3.5 in. The letters SW in a heart were used in 1920 in celebration of the merger of the Stanley Rule and Level Company into the larger Stanley Works manufacturing company. Illustration of Paring chisels from a White 1913 catalog. Pre-Owned. I think the 740's have the best balance but think the 720's are cool because of their length. Made with an oak frame and panels of plywood with curly Stanley Type 4 Handplanes: 1874-1884 Stanley Type 5 Handplanes: 1885-1888 Stanley Type 6 Handplanes: 1888-1892 Stanley Type 7 Handplanes: 1893-1899 Stanley Type 8 Handplanes: 1899-1902 Stanley Type 9 Handplanes: 1902-1907 Stanley Type 10 Handplanes: 1907-1909 Stanley Type 11 Handplanes: 1910-1918 Stanley Type 12 Handplanes: 1919-1924 The main difference is that they are longer, and are Paring Chisels. It has amazing steel, and sharpens nicer than most wood chisels. . If you decide to purchase Stanley 750 bevel-edge bench chisels, you can easily piece together different sizes (with handles) on eBay like I did. The maker would appear to be Titan. Is this for all your chisels or just for the cheaper ones. Ive also used Shapton diamond plates and a Tormek wheel and buffer. I just read in The Anarchists Tool Chest by Christopher Schwarz that they require diamond stones to sharpen. The 720's are firmer length with the 750's being butt chisels. Quick question You are ver specific about brands of bench chisels but when it came to mortise chisels it seemed like anything old with a pig sticker handle was good enough. Can you give me a good chisel that I can get? Firmer chisels have blades wholly out of [cast] tool steel, while in some kinds of chisels iron blades overlaid with steel [cutting edges] are used. I will make my way through your other videos and web pages on learning more. 720 Socket Chisel 20 , 40 and 50's is kept handy right above my tool bench asgiven Id like to note the terminology of chisels is both flexible and varies over time and region. Published by The Tool Merchant. I have used their saws and found them to be higher quality than other new saws by average hardware store brands. And as mentioned above, Im still testing out Cr-V steel. and continued manufacture the No.40 and 50 models and added the longer No.20 They hold an edge longer than the Irwin chisels mentioned below, but not as long as many of my antique chisels.

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